Time to remove the restrictions and the time to enter: the Prime Minister held the first after an illness, the meeting of the government

Topics of the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers on 21 may were the measures of support of several sectors. 25 billion the government will allocate to the automobile industry, in this fifth part of the money will go towards the purchase of ambulances. 970 million will be directed for the construction and equipment of a field hospital of EMERCOM in the Murmansk region, where a high incidence of coronavirus COVID-19. Under special control the situation with the payment of allowances to health workers. No reason for delay not.

This is the first meeting of the government chaired by Michael mishustina after his recovery. Naturally, while in the teleconference. And the first question — on payments to medical staff working with COVID-19.

“All the necessary adjustments, clarifications on presidential benefits have already been transferred to the regions. Reason for delay no. And the money for the APR should be paid in full. In some regions already began payments in may — set the tone of the Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. — Also, please in conjunction with the Ministry of communications test and promptly fulfill all requests that come in on this topic on the portal of state services, to report to me about the current situation daily.”

Today the Minister of Finance sums up the last 2019. When the GDP growth rate of 1.3 percent managed to keep inflation below target of 4 percent.

“the Conduct of fiscal policy under the budget rules has allowed us amid falling oil and gas revenues, however, to avoid spending cuts. First was sent money to help the families who have taken a mortgage for the purchase of housing, the financing of regional social surcharge to the pension”, — reported the Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov.

Now, it becomes clear how this support was timely. In full financed and health care. Only through compulsory insurance vydare specified more than two trillion rubles. Plus the cost of high-tech assistance — more than $ 100 billion. Now, of course, support will continue. On behalf of the President allocated 25 billion to the auto industry, including the purchase of ambulances.

And 970 million will be sent to Murmansk oblast for the construction and equipment of a field hospital of EMERCOM. It’s complicated — a lot of people infected with coronavirus. Somewhere it’s time to lift the restrictions, but somewhere — on the contrary.

In Adygea negligent attitude to the regime of self-isolation has led to a sharp increase in disease. 1 may in the village Bedugal funeral when a large concourse of people. Came relatives and friends — a tribute to tradition. And then 12 people were discovered coronavirus. Later cases became 155.

” unfortunately, today in the same area we lost one of the patients. This 27-year-old young man” — said the chief doctor of the local hospital.

the district Head had to resign. The new leader set the task to stabilize the situation.

Simply mask mode is entered in the Volgograd region. However, concurrent with the phased removal of restrictions and an increase in the number of allowed sites. Beauty salons opened there a month ago. Over execution of this order patrols watching.

And in the Ulyanovsk region has opened several museums.