Tin foil hat not helped the Uzbeks to slip across the border of Lithuania and Belarus

Lithuanian border guards reported the arrest of a resourceful intruder, on Wednesday, January 22, tried to illegally cross the border from Belarus to Lithuania.

As stated in the message Department, 37-year-old citizen of Uzbekistan was in the CCTV camera lens at the moment when he crossed the control strips.

the Man moved backwards, hoping to mislead the guards, which, in his opinion, had thought that he was going to Belarus.

Arrived outfit were pursued, and a Belgian shepherd named Mona quickly found the things he was wearing attacker. After a while he found himself.

Upon inspection of the camouflage clothing used by the intruder, it turned out that the jacket, pants and the cap was shielded with a layer of foil in order to hide a person from the imager. However, the detainee did not take into account that the border can be a video camera.

At present the man is detained, investigation is underway. Depending on the decision of the court may be expected a fine, or imprisonment for the term up to two years.