The daughter of a First Lady.Tiphaine Auzière is one of the two daughters of Brigitte Macron, born in 1984 from her union with André-Louis Auzière. The youngest of three children, she grew up in the Picardy region near Amiens and also spent her youth with her family in Le Touquet.

Discreet like her brother Sébastien and her sister Laurence, Tiphaine Auzière is nevertheless the one who is at the heart of the news. After having supported, in 2017, Emmanuel Macron’s campaign for the presidency of the Republic, as well as his re-election five years later, this brilliant lawyer and mother of two children is today publishing her first novel, Assises, with Stock editions.

For the occasion, the daughter-in-law of the President of the Republic takes part in interviews in the media. Like this Tuesday March 26, 2024 when she was the guest of Bruce Toussaint on the TF1 morning show. The opportunity for journalist Hélène Mannarino to reveal the rare secrets of Tiphaine Auzière’s life in her Unexpected Portrait. Here’s what you need to know…

In her childhood, Tiphaine Auzière inherited two nicknames from those close to her. We nicknamed her “Rose-Marie” because she only liked pink, like the color of her room. “At school, you even repainted the white soaps in the toilets,” reveals the columnist to her guest. “You are well informed,” reacts with a smile the woman who was also called “Tamalou” as a teenager, because she always had pain somewhere.

At home or at school, Tiphaine Auzière has character and she knows how to make herself heard. When she demands silence around her, as a child, Brigitte Macron’s daughter “mimes with a gesture with her finger on her mouth”. For class photos, the youngest refuses to sit on the bench. She prefers to compete with her older brother by having wrestling matches at home “on her mother’s bed with cushions.”

Mischievous and sneaky, Tiphaine Auzière even stole a classmate’s “little slippers” to replace the pair she had lost. Another anecdote testifying to her character: she ate all the chocolates from the three Advent calendars, her own and that of her brother and sister, in their childhood. “Everyone has already done it,” says the novelist who has a strong taste for music.

Lawyer and writer Tiphaine Auzière has eclectic tastes in music. Among her favorite songs and artists from her youth, we know that she likes listening to the French boy band 2 be3, Lambada by Kaoma or even “La Bamba” by the group Los Lobos.

Today, Tiphaine Auzière refines her musical culture between rap and French variety. According to the revelations of Hélène Mannarino, Brigitte Macron’s daughter prefers to listen to songs by Diams, Céline Dion and the group NTM. A woman who is always well surrounded by those close to her.

Tiphaine Auzière shares her life with Antoine Choteau, her partner with whom she has been in a civil partnership since 2010. It is with him that she is raising their two children, Élise and Aurèle. A hyperactive woman who wears many hats: “mom, sportswoman, lawyer, writer and coach for her two children”.

With her family, Tiphaine Auzière enjoys several activities: “pony competitions, tree climbing, mini-golf, bowling and Friday movie evenings,” explains Hélène Mannarino in her column. A movie buff who can’t hold back her tears watching the Titanic or enjoying a good raclette.

Finally, Emmanuel Macron’s daughter-in-law is also the head of her group of friends. One of the first rules to follow in their group: “obey the leader”. However, they can count on her sentimental advice which she provides on WhatsApp in their clan of the “Four Musketeers”. One for all, and all for one! An unusual portrait that surprised Tiphaine Auzière. “I’m going to have to sign a contract with the person who gave you all their information,” jokes the one who reveals her writing talents in bookstores.