To be indifferent to your life: 1 July, you can vote on-site or at home

Online voting for amendments to the Constitution ended. To vote you can still at a polling station or at home. July 1 — last day for this.

Remotely, at home or on the plot of Russia actively voted. Many compare the vote on the amendments to the Constitution with regular elections and note: the ability to plot any of the seven days is very helpful to plan your own time.

“I did not leave from the country, first came to Moscow in order to vote,” says voter. “It is very fast, somewhere in the seven minutes I have left,” says another. “Very polite, very nice, intelligent and everything is fine” — says the voting process the third Russian woman.

Security is the key word in the organization of the vote in every region of the country. Anyone who comes to the site, at the entrance measuring temperature, and then issue disposable gloves and a mask. To give the passport into the hands of the employee of the electoral Commission is not necessary, enough to show him at a distance. Check the Bulletin each puts a personal handle.

the Resident of Tambov, Boris Abakumov, two weeks will be 87. Walking him is not easy, but the social worker helped him come to take away the voting place close to home. “To vote is to give an opinion for the life that today we are, — said Boris Abakumov, hero of socialist labor. — Which we have.”

a veteran of the great domestic scientist-breeder Nikolai N. Yevtushenko, today voted at home. “I vote for a peaceful country, for peace in the world, he says. – I wish happiness and prosperity to mankind.”

Hundreds of thousands of residents of Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod region decided to make their choice through an electronic ballot. Via the Internet about his decision and said one of the authors of the amendments actor Vladimir Mashkov. “What is offered, it is meaningful, — GOVNICU he. — It is very important to participate, especially in the life of their country, their future, future of their children and grandchildren. This is probably important — to be indifferent to the life of his country.”

Most of those who have previously declared their wish to vote via the Internet, have made their choice. Those who did not, will be able to speak about the decision Thursday on the site at the place of registration.

“When are matters of national and all state levels, each person would have to vote — said Sergey Krikalev, Hero of Russia, Hero of the Soviet Union. Is the voice maybe for, maybe against. Bad indifference because life should determine our choice, and if questions are put, people must come and vote”.

“We vote for the very important amendments to the Constitution, says Hilarion, Metropolitan of Volokolamsk Chairman Department for external Church relations of the Moscow Patriarchate. And, of course, for us, believers, — and here I can speak not only on behalf of the Russian Orthodox Church, but on behalf of all traditional confessions of the Russian Federation, — for us a very special meaning of the amendment, which referred to the heritage received from the ancestors. And this heritage is faith in God.”

the End of the sixth day of voting. Stationary and portable ballot is opened under the control of observers and members of election Commission. Not counting, the ballots are collected in a special safe packages. They have protective tape, and to open such a package without being impossible.

Each pack is numbered and with a signed act is sent for storage in the safe until Wednesday night. Cohiba, that is, Complexes of processing of ballots will be used at stations only on the election day, the first of July. Somewhere in all ballots collected on June 25, will be counted manually. But in areas where there is the Cohiba, this work is done by machine, and the data of the IOMntale will get into the state automated system “Elections”. This will allow you to quickly summarize and learn what choice did the Russians.