To destroy the Kingdom of fakes in Russia there will promarkers perfumes, linen and tires

the system of control over the quality of products, new product categories. The government approved the rules for the marking of light industry products, perfume and toilet water, as well as photography and automobile tires. Approved the order of access to the data of the monitoring system.

Genuine code, product name, importer — a digital passport for each product is now in every smartphone. Just download the app “Honest sign”, to scan a unique product code and second, to understand is in your hands original or fake. A new marking system — smart and technologically advanced blow to counterfeit.

“today, the system already has about 150 thousand companies running full and there is 7 billion 200 million individual codes,” commented innovation Deputy Director General, development Center of advanced technologies Revaz Yusupov.

Method allows you to literally trace the life of goods from point of production to its sale. Two years ago we started to chipped coats, the result is fake fur disappeared from the shelves.

“the Results of the implementation of the labeling on the market Shub showed that this product in the sale in 10-13 times more than expected,” — said General Director of the International Association “Antikontrafakt” Svetlana Kvasova.

Today, January 8, entered into force a new list of products with mandatory label, Data Matrix code which cannot be faked. It includes tires, perfumes, cigarettes, cameras, shoes, outerwear, bedding. However, no shock marking — to acquire goods, the producers have a year.

“today, for different categories of goods provides for a transitional period of 9 to 12 months. Producers can dispose of the goods without marking or a period of marking remains and they can mark the goods", — said the head of the working group on marking and tracing of “the Association of retail companies” Anna Orlov.

the Cost of such a quality mark to manufacturers of 50 cents in recalculation on every product one time. Business is interested in it — both Russian and foreign. Among the advantages — the collapse of unfair competition and production optimization. Under the new rules, now the manufacturer has access to the data in the system.

“the Manufacturer sees how to move his goods and how many products in the warehouses, this allows multiple companies to improve the efficiency of its activities”, — said Revaz Yusupov.

As a result, experts predict a decline in the price of goods up to 10 percent of the cost. In the future, to get to the Russian market, will need to literally show a code. Until January 1, the manufacture of drugs without labeling is already prohibited.

“In 2,5 times reduced the turnover of counterfeit products on this group. Identified violations on pharmaceutical products for more than half a billion rubles”, — commented Svetlana Kvasova.

to Destroy the Kingdom of the fakes have on the shelves with household chemicals — third of the counterfeit, and also with the Essentials — 70% of drinking water does not meet the standards. To exhaust the murky sources of income planning for four years.