To go to the beauty shop and dine in dining services is preparing to open

Moscow has taken another major step to normal life without gaps and limitations. Since June 9, will re-open beauty salons, fully earns car sharing, and after a week, you can grab a coffee on the summer terrace. Then on queue, fitness clubs, playgrounds and the beginning of passenger navigation on the Moscow river.

the Phones are ringing off the hook. E-turn (live in new conditions, it can not be) scheduled for several weeks ahead. Now in one of the salons is General cleaning — I have just a few hours. In addition to performing all mandatory requirements here additionally mounted protective screens. Office chairs — through one, master necessary in disposable gowns and masks.

“Everyone will be tested, the record will be conducted within thirty minutes, antiseptics, will be installed at the entrance. Tea and coffee are now we are not filled, the logs do not give out”, — told the co-owner of beauty salons Eleanor Movsisyan.

in order to go to the salon and indeed anywhere, the pass is no longer needed — taxi and public transport will earn without limits.

the Good news for those who use car sharing: there will also remove restrictions. This means that you can take the car at any time. Right now the machines are arranged exactly in those places where on them the greatest demand.

Walking tomorrow can, and must, at least every day, but to sit on the benches, play on playgrounds or engage in sports only on June 23.

Unusually empty while in the waters of the Moscow river. Passenger navigation will open in two weeks. Touch up the body, arrange the furniture, stick the tape of the passengers on Board will be halved — most of the chairs removed, but the veranda of the capital’s restaurants will open next week. Them today began to actively collect all over the city. To keep a safe distance even have one table — no big companies. Some of them even plan to impose restrictions, a maximum of two people. If more guests, some of them will have to move to the next table. Dinner in the hall will only two weeks. While there set the equipment for purification of air and think about how to make guests stay as safe as possible, for example, set partitions.

next week will open the capital’s museums and exhibition halls. Will accept the first visitors to the zoo. But why wait just do not have is traffic. What could be more emblematic of the return to normal life than morning congestion at the entrance to Moscow?