To help physicians abandoned army: as China grapples with the coronavirus

All flights from the Chinese Wuhan to Moscow cancelled and flights from Guangzhou, fly to Moscow Sheremetyevo directly. The higher hockey League takes home games of Chinese clubs in Russia, and Beijing prohibits travel agencies to sell tickets. Coronavirus hourly corrects all global processes — from the economic and transport cultural and domestic. In such conditions, the PRC adopts a large-scale emergency measures: in Wuhan built the clinic lab to combat coronavirus, and to help physicians abandoned the army.

When the fight against the coronavirus China is already throwing and the army, this is a signal that all too seriously. Half a dozen cities, including epidemic outbreak — a multimillion-dollar Wuhan, in the siege of quarantine.

looks Like the enemy now, however, known. Is he in hospital admissions and clinics are not overcrowded. Emergency hospitalization, one after the other. When the incubation period up to two weeks, even the slightest cough is reason to suspect the worst.

I don’t know results but I’m very worried. I think I’ve got it!

For the treatment of infected new pneumonia in Wuhan has built a special hospital for infectious diseases. A huge complex of several thousand seats. When the timing just 10 days, for lunch, the workers have only night.

To fight the epidemic in Hubei province, the authorities allocate one billion yuan. Medicines to the epicenter of delivering tons. Throughout China for antiviral drugs are huge queues.

Buy medical masks in pharmacies need to try, they make out instantly. Say what infection it is best to cope mask with a special air filter. A week ago they were worth 4 yuan, today — almost 60 yuan (about 600 rubles).

with such high demand, some enterprising Chinese already earn: collect used masks and re-Packed them. But manufacturers claim that there is a mask at all, for the holidays, the conveyor will not stop. As for inflating prices on medicines and disinfectants authorities threaten to pharmacies fines up to 3 million yuan.

Officially, in China, almost 900 infected 27 people died. The first lethal case is already outside of Wuhan. In Hong Kong, where the number of cases has already exceeded a hundred, infected sent to a local resort for them specially insulated two hotels. But the world health organization decided not to declare an emergency situation.

“We believe that the situation has not yet reached the level of global threats. But this does not mean that threats do not exist at all. In China the situation remains very difficult,” says Christian Lindmeier, employee in public relations who.

When in Beijing confirmed more than 30 cases of infection, authorities canceled all public events, closing of the fair. The tourism authorities of the PRC prohibits all tours in the country, and Monday and even group trips abroad.

a Business card of Beijing. Red gate with a huge portrait of Mao Zedong and the world’s largest Palace complex. This in Beijing has not been to at the entrance to the main attraction of the Chinese capital there were so few tourists. Usually to get into the Forbidden city, it was necessary to defend huge turn. But today the Forbidden city is closed.

visitation was closed and a huge section of the great wall of China.

– of Course, the new year is ruined. This virus screwed up, no festive mood. But I’m not. Want even do that, take off your mask!

To fight the virus thrown the best medical forces. But they often find themselves the victim. Coughing and then fainted. The stories of self-sacrifice of the medical staff Chinese TV takes the whole transmission. About nurses who have after hours duty masks the bruises and blisters. About the doctor who was first infected back in December, and now in order not to infect the family, was closed in the apartment, and not let even my mother, what brought him food.

the Virus is shared by the whole family. Although there are cases of recovery. Today in Shanghai he wrote the woman a dangerous diagnosis first. On television and social networks is social advertising, “Together we will win.” This slogan is the leading China address both traditional gala-concert. After all, the main wish in the Chinese new year’s eve today is the one — health.