To isolate the Wuhan had to leave five million people

the Epicenter of the novel coronavirus – the Chinese city of Wuhan left 5 million people. They managed to go before authorities shut down the city into quarantine.

However, their departure was connected not only with the disease, it is approaching the New year according to the lunar calendar, and at this time the Chinese are trying to visit loved ones.

Now the city has 9 million inhabitants. 2 thousand 700 people are under medical observation, doctors suggest that approximately a thousand of them the diagnosis is confirmed. Previously the city had was 533 cases of infection, reports “Interfax”.

the Outbreak of an unknown pneumonia was registered in December of 2019 in the city of Wuhan. December 31, Chinese authorities informed the world health organization on the spread of a new type of coronavirus.

Experts have established the causative agent is a coronavirus 2019-nCoV. According to official statistics, only in China it is known about almost 2 thousand are infected. 56 people died. There are cases in Europe, USA, Asia, Australia.