To lead the Russian judges will be the Hungarian Kassai

Appointed a new head of the Department of refereeing in the Russian football Union (RFU). They became well-known Hungarian referee Viktor Kassai, completed in December his career of an arbitrator.

it Was decided to split the Department of refereeing and inspection of the two structures. Head of the Department of inspection became Sergey Fursa. 44-year-old Viktor Kassai will lead the Department of refereeing. He became the second foreigner for this post. From 2011 to 2013 the position was held by Roberto Rosetti.

Viktor Kassai has refereed international matches from 2003 to 2019. He was the main referee in the final of the football tournament of the Olympic games — 2008, Champions League final — 2011, the opening match of the 2016 European championship and the semifinals of the 2010 world Cup and the Champions League.

In 2011, Hungary became multimadia judging the final of the Champions League and was voted the best referee by the International Federation of football history and statistics.