To place restoration of the bridge near Murmansk profit military engineers

the Russian defense Ministry announced that the venue of works on restoration of the railway in the railway stake — Closed in the Murmansk region there arrived the military personnel of engineer division of the Western military district with everything needed for tasks special equipment and material resources.

Three Il-76 military transport aviation of Russian air force was brought from the Nizhny Novgorod region in Olenegorsk the latest drill-drum machine BOOM-2 on the basis of the car “KAMAZ”.

Also to place restoration of the bridge of the Bryansk region, headed the personnel and special equipment of divisions of the railway troops of the secondary cooling zone, “Interfax”.

the Experts tasked to prepare a pit in the rocky soil for backfilling paintings and works on laying the railway track.

In the Kola area of Murmansk on 1 June when the renovations hit a railway bridge, one of the pillars of which were displaced and deformed due to flood. In the result, the railway connections to Murmansk interrupted.

the Bridge was commissioned in 1930, the last time repairs were completed in 2014.

the authorities of the region together with JSC “Russian Railways” agreed that the communication with Murmansk is postponed to June 23.

Upon a collapse criminal case was opened under article 263 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“Infringement of safety rules of movement and operation of railway transport”).