To return a person to normal: the correct cream and magic massage

After the forced isolation of a coronavirus, especially women, noticed that the face faded, there was the problem areas, swelling.

learn how to normalize in the home at the TV channel “Russia 1” said the doctor-cosmetologist Natalia Nikolaeva.

First of all, he said, it is necessary to pay attention to the ingredients in the cream which are perfect for hydrating. Over here to remember three main components: “The” moisturizer, “a” emollient and O — occlusive.

the Beautician explains that hydration give “hyaluronic acid, urea, it also moisturizes, it is also called urea, glycerin as an option.”

Emollient – is an emulsion. The most classic example that everyone will understand is bee’s wax, he said.

“Emollients – softening agents of the skin. There is not very euphonious name ceramide. It is, in General, too, lipids, fats, between water molecules. They are obtained by artificial means. Alas, organic is impossible to do is an artificial product, but it is absolutely identical to the natural and working perfectly,” adds beautician.

Occlusive is the third essential component, bridging the previous two.

“It is “liquid oil”. Olive oil — the most typical example”, — says the expert adds that “this triad is an indicator of good moisturizer”.

these ingredients necessary to pay attention to, buying cream at the store or pharmacy.

However, you can and at home to tidy up the skin.

for Example, moisturizing liquid Foundation (and it is thinner than the deeper medium).

If there is a problem of dryness, it’s good to use a moisturizing tonic or serum, and the top in a small amount as occlusive (to “close” the skin) to use the cream.

Next, says beautician Natalia Nikolaeva, it is possible to do lymphatic drainage massage, which is called the beautiful Japanese word “Asahi”.

“Asahi means rising or morning sun. The name itself suggests that it should be done in the morning. That lymph massage can be harmful”, — the expert explains and demonstrates the Studio program, exactly how to do it.

After a massage “Asahi” is to make a simple holyblue mask with lymphatic drainage effect.

this cotton fabric is necessary to make a “mask-face”, to brew strong green tea, let it steep for about 10 minutes.

When it becomes warm, the solution should wet the sheet mask, lay it gently on the face, from above — a film (but it is possible and without it), towel thicker desirable and quiet moments 10-15 minutes to lie down.

And after this procedure, we need to strike a properly selected moisturizer with the components, mentioned above, says beautician.