To return from the cleaners in the actress Svetlana Chuykina helped accident

Svetlana Chuykina became known to spectators on films “Waltz of goodbye” and “Team”, but truly known it made the series “Nina. The price paid for love.” Her heroine has to endure many trials before she will find happiness.

In the life of Svetlana was also a period when she seemed to have lost everything. Finished theatrical faculty of the Saratov state Conservatory named after Sobinov and after working for a season in the troupe of the Saratov academic drama theater, the actress went to conquer Moscow.

In the capital Chuikina took to the theater “Modern”, but there it worked for a short time.

after the rehearsal, says Svetlana in “Destiny of man”, she was asked to wash the stage. Chuikina protested, saying that she’s an actress, not a maid.

a month later, Svetlana mopping the floors in the salon, and soon was forced with nothing to go back to his parents in his native Volgograd.

it Seemed that the career of the actress delivered. But one day the parents asked her to take a small gift to a family friend.

he was a young and successful specialist PR Vadim. He was divorced from a previous marriage grew up the son.

Vadim and Svetlana began to communicate closely, he introduced her to his son, and a year after Dating they got married.

Together, the couple 19 years in their marriage, a son, Nikita. Chuikina said that Vadim has joined together.

“This lover, friend, and mentor, and assistant. All that a woman needs”, – says Svetlana.

And that Vadim helped Chaikinoi to get back into the profession by introducing her film “Waltz goodbye” in which she played a major role.

As she appeared in the film “Brigada” and what he says about the trials endured by the heroine of the film “Nina. The price paid for love”? What was your first role as a 12-year-old Svetlana in the youth theatre, and why she abandoned my childhood dreams of becoming police meetingnerom? Why she lost 35 pounds and I left to play in France?

guest Boris Korchevnikov in the “Destiny of man” – actress Svetlana Chuykina.