To the Day of Russia in Novocherkassk held banners with the error. It

At stops of public transport in the centre of Novocherkassk, Rostov region appeared banners to the Day of Russia misspelled. The word “Russia” on them was written with one “s”. Fortunately, the mistake was noticed by vigilant locals. Banners quickly dismantled, and in their place hung fixed.

according to acting head of city administration Yury Lysenko on his page in Facebook, banners, an error appeared on the streets the fault of the designer.

According to officials, media advertising organization was sent electronically. However, the manufacturer decided to finish the sketch without checking the result with the customers. Typo designer all 15 banners were printed with an error.

Lysenko confirmed that the previously published local residents on the Internet pictures of the posters with an error in the word “Russia” is genuine, and thanked the attentive and caring Novocherkassk because they are not limited to messages in social networks and promptly reported the mistake to the city administration. “Thanks to their vigilance, the error was corrected promptly,” wrote the mayor.

He apologized to residents and promised to punish the guilty in this situation.