To the Pubic the police came

Home to journalist Paul Pubic who tried twice to vote on the amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the police came. It did not delay: Lobkov has not received the status of the suspect, reports TASS.

As told the Agency the lawyer of the journalist Leonid Solovyov, the police interviewed his client, he gave an explanation.

Earlier actions Lobkova said the CEC head Ella Pamfilova.

“a Series of provocations. Someone deliberately went twice to vote,” she said.

In this case, according to Pamfilova, those who violate the order will, will still determine.

“we were here yesterday, some people decided to make the attempt to vote twice – in a traditional way and through online voting. Some of this is proudly said to be advertized – said Pamfilova, the TV channel “Russia 24″. But in fact, they still would not have been able to do it. At the last stage they would still be calculated”.

Pamfilova added that violators will have to bear responsibility.

In fact Lobkova attempt to vote twice was prosecuted under article 5.22 of the administrative code (“Illegal issuance and receipt of ballots, bulletins for voting on the referendum ballot for a nationwide vote”). Police also began an administrative investigation in connection with the publication in Internet media video “How to vote twice.”

in Addition, law enforcement agencies will assess the actions of the officers of the election Commission, because once Lobkov voted at the polling station, and the second online. Bulletin Lobkova was cancelled, were taken into account only his electronic voice.