Tomsk scientists have created an algorithm to assess the quality of the products with a smartphone

To create high-quality and safe food products is necessary to control many parameters at all stages of the life-cycle of products in production, packaging, transportation and storage.

However, such monitoring requires laboratory conditions and some training. In addition, most tests can not be conducted in real time.

it Turns out that the end user has no way to verify the quality of the product.

to solve this problem, senior teacher Tomsk Polytechnic University Olga Voskoboynikov decided to develop an algorithm that will help ordinary consumers to assess the quality of the product.

Beginning researcher with one of the most popular drinks of milk. Usually to assess its quality and security, using special equipment. The user is focused only on the stated date of manufacture and expiration date.

Olga Voskoboynikov developing a new method of quality assessment of pasteurized milk based on the use of the polymer matrix. The reagents in the composition interact with the product and change color depending on the length of storage.

the Creation of the polymer matrix by scientists of Tomsk state University and their colleagues from the Polytechnic modify it using acid-base reagent called bromocresol purple.

a Mandatory condition of the sensor is its contact with the product, which does not affect the taste of the latter.

as planned By the scientists, the matrix must be “implanted” in the packaging at the manufacturing stage. Thus, to the final consumer product will be released with a matrix.

to Assess the quality of the milk will be very easy: if it’s fresh, the matrix will be green. If the product starts to deteriorate, the matrix yellow. The color change can be determined visually or using a smartphone.

tomsk scientists have created an algorithm to assess the quality of the products with a smartphone 1the Matrix to determine milk quality: used (left) and original (right).Photo press service of the TPU.

“Now the job is to automate the process, to exclude a subjective component. Creates an algorithm, with which each [consumer] on your smartphone will be able to obtain information about the quality of milk,” – says Olga Voskoboynikov.

Also, experts are working on a smartphone app that will receive data about the quality of the product.

it is Important that this development can be used to determine the quality of not only milk but also other products. For this scholar, it is sufficient to change the composition of the matrix and to select certain storage conditions. The composition and dosage of the reagents in a matrix for each product will be determined experimentally.

According to the authors, their development will be useful both for consumers and for retailers who will be able to control the producers.

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