Rachel Doerrie, a professional data consultant with a background in the NHL and consulting for teams across North America and Europe, is gearing up for the NHL draft week. With the Stanley Cup recently awarded, the focus now shifts to the upcoming draft and the potential future stars that will be selected.

For the San Jose Sharks, there is a chance to acquire a franchise cornerstone player. However, all 31 teams will have the opportunity to add talented forwards and impactful defensemen to their rosters. While this draft may not have the same level of generational talent as previous years, it is filled with depth and promising prospects who could go on to have successful NHL careers.

The final rankings provided by Doerrie take into account various factors such as model projections, viewings, combine results, and industry insights. Unlike previous rankings, this list is more dynamic and players can move up or down based on recent viewings and expert opinions. While Doerrie values upside and potential in players, she also appreciates those with lower ceilings and steady development trajectories.

While the Stanley Cup is not won or lost on draft day, successful draft picks are crucial for building a championship-winning team. The first step towards glory begins with making smart selections during the draft.

Doerrie’s final Big Board includes top prospect Macklin Celebrini from Boston University. Celebrini is a franchise cornerstone center with no apparent weaknesses in his game. He excels on both ends of the ice as a 200-foot player, showcasing strong offensive skills and a knack for disrupting defensive schemes. His ability to protect the puck, play through contact, and find open spaces make him a valuable asset for any team.

With his exceptional skill set, Celebrini is projected to become an elite play driver and a two-way center in the NHL. He is not considered a generational talent but has the potential to be a transformative player for a franchise looking to build a Stanley Cup contender around him.

As the draft approaches, teams will have their eyes set on players like Celebrini who have the potential to make a significant impact at the NHL level. The excitement of the draft week is palpable as teams prepare to make decisions that could shape the future of their organizations.