While most college students don’t transfer, those that do usually have a pretty good reason. For example, the most common reason for transferring is to change majors. However, if you’re torn between two colleges or have decided to pursue a masters’s program at the same time as your undergrad degree, here are some other reasons why you might be thinking about it:

First things first

Before looking at the reasons, any student wanting to change colleges will need to go through an application process to demonstrate they meet the new college’s entry requirements. Your first step should be to identify these requirements, which you can do at campusreel.org.

Changing Majors

If you’re at a small school and you can’t find the right program, you may want to transfer to a larger institution. However, don’t think of transferring as an easy way to start over on your major. According to statistics, many students who don’t finish their first major will fail their second one too. It’s also not a good idea to change majors simply because it’s too hard. If you’re doing poorly in a class because of the way it’s taught, for example, then it may be worth working hard and getting used to the material before dropping it altogether.

Not the right environment

When you’re in college, you’re a small part of a large community. You need to be happy where you are. That doesn’t mean that your friends and family won’t be supportive. They can come along with you if there’s a college close enough for them, but ultimately the choice must be yours. If the atmosphere and the faculty aren’t as supportive as you expected, then it may be time to make a change.

Not feeling at home in your town

At first, many students are excited to live away from home for the first time. However, if you find yourself missing home or feel like you’re not so welcome where you are, then it’s worth looking at other options. Some locations have a better student atmosphere than others and some may have more support networks in place should anything go wrong. It’s important to remember that no matter where you go, sometimes things just don’t work out.

Poor academic performance

The thing that makes a good student is having the drive to go above and beyond. While a new environment may help you to make a fresh start, it won’t always fix any problems you are experiencing.

Annoying roommates

If you’re living on campus and don’t like your roommates or your room, then this might be enough of a reason alone to think about transferring.

Having a good reason for changing colleges might not seem like a big deal, but it can really benefit you and your new school. If you feel like your major isn’t the best fit for you, then take the time to rethink it before potentially delaying graduation by another one or two years. If you decide to transfer, think about how your new school will help you reach your ideal degree.