Tourists want to take a selfie with an elephant, but nearly got trampled. Video

Tourists in India wanted to do a photo op with the elephant, but such a prospect did not like the animal. Mammal almost got trampled by travelers.

About the incident, reports the Daily Mirror. On the captured footage shows as tourists run away from overtaking them elephant. One person stumbles and almost under the feet of the massive animal. Apparently, the tourist was very frightened, after all, tripped more than once. In the end, the man managed to rise to his feet and Dodge.

the Publication, citing local residents, reported that a group of fifty elephants left the forest in search of food but one animal strayed from them, being close to the people.

it is Worth noting that in India often occur curiosities with elephants. For example, in June 2019 herd mammals damaged parked cars to cross the road. In April 2019, the elephant smashed in one of the Indian villages.