Tourists with young children were evacuated from the Kamchatka volcano in the midst of the storm

In Kamchatka Mutnovsky volcano evacuated the tourist group, which included four children. The rescue operation took place at the height of more than 2 thousand meters. People were threatened with serious danger — helicopter, which took them to the top, is frozen, and the weather was rapidly deteriorating.

Small children and their parents evacuated when the storm was already raging. The final stage of the rescue operation, volcano Mutnovsky, 2200 meters. At this altitude, still no altitude sickness, but there is a heavy wind, frost, whiteout.

They wanted to see the beauty of Kamchatka, a standard helicopter tour over the volcanoes. On Board, six adults, four children, landed near the top of the Mutnovsky volcano. Beautiful place, unique natural object. This active volcano is part of South Kamchatka nature Park included in the world heritage list of UNESCO. But to return from this beauty for yourself has failed. As it happens in the mountains, the weather changed immediately. The helicopter is frozen, the engine does not start.

trapped tourists get 55 miles from the nearest habitation and 75 kilometers from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. And it is in a straight line.

But there is no direct path. To escape, the group would have to descend the ridge to a more or less gentle slope to pull on it, and then go through the forest, up and down other hills. Without equipment, without skis, snowshoes. With children.

ice Pilots of the helicopter decided to call MOE. A guide from the travel Agency tried to defuse the situation, to calm people down.

“I’m really thankful for an appropriate response. It was evident that women were nervous, but we tried to distract. We had a lot of food, we in the helicopter organized table, and there they ate, drank tea. Play, dance even drove inside,” — said Viktor Shvetsov, General Director, tourism company, tour guide.

there Were several variants of evacuation. Selected the fastest — helicopter sat below snow charge, at two thousand meters. Rescuers climbed the ridge and escorted tourists and pilots of his helicopter.

“the Rescuers and the helicopter did not work in the shortest possible time. Two hours later came the darkness, the weather deteriorated, and people would have just stayed high, and their life and health created a real threat,” — said Tatiana Ukhmanov, head of the information Centre for the promotion of action on GO, CHS and fire security of the Kamchatka region.

Ice the helicopter is left on the hill — as long as the weather clears.

“the Situation is unpleasant, but we have in aviation in Kamchatka is not such a rare flight occurred during normal weather conditions, restrictions on departure was not the usual tourist sightseeing tour. Unfortunately, the weather made its own adjustments and not allowed to make a further safe flight,” — said Dmitry Chernykh, acting General Director of the shipping company.

no One was injured, frostbite, medical aid was not required. But memories of the adventure holidays for all participants in the events will remain.