Suddenly it became very quiet in the Berlin Olympic Stadium. RB Leipzig had just won the DFB Cup in the final against SC Freiburg 5-3 on penalties. The people of Leipzig interrupted their jubilant aria, and the music from the stadium speakers fell silent.

Paramedics and emergency doctors rushed to the Leipzig exchange bank, where, according to ARD information, a photographer had collapsed unconscious. Helpers covered the scene of the accident with tarpaulins as a privacy screen. The emergency physicians began with a cardiac massage directly on the sidelines.

Then the announcement of the stadium announcer: “Until the situation is clarified, we will suspend the ceremony. Thank you for your understanding.”

There was no sound in the stadium. More than 75,000 spectators feared for the casualty. The players of both clubs stood helplessly on the lawn. Where there was gigantic joy in Leipzig, for example, it turned into bewilderment.

Almost everyone in the audience picked up their smartphones, turned on their flashlights and held them up. A goose bumps moment in the Berlin Olympic Stadium.

Then at 11:22 p.m. the redeeming announcement: “A heartfelt thank you for your understanding and your audible sympathy. This deserves our great respect. Thank you very much. I have the honor to inform you that the patient has received emergency medical treatment and is in a stable condition.” Cheers erupted in the stands, with fans applauding. To the loud applause of the spectators, the stadium announcer said: “We say a big thank you to the rescue workers.”

At 11:24 p.m., the patient was taken out of the stadium in an ambulance to great applause. RB Leipzig then received the DFB Cup – for the first time in the club’s young history.