Trainers of the circus showed lion cubs seized from smugglers. Video

Saved in Volgograd, a six-cub Thunder feels good. Invaluable assistance was provided by the trainers Zabaykalsky circus dynasty dovgalyuk, They took the baby to overexposure, cured and fattened. But his life, in the full sense of the word, hung in the balance.

the History of salvation originates in Volgograd, informs GTRK “Chita”. Tiny beast in close box police discovered during the inspection of the passenger bus “Makhachkala-Moscow”. Exhausted animal was seized. As the city toured Zabaykalsky circus, and the trainers has experience with wild cats, lion has decided to give to overexposure to the circus.

And then a series of remedial measures. The beast showed bilateral pneumonia and shingles. Well, hordes of fleas in children’s soft undercoat. However, the kid quickly went on the mend, now its weight is 2 kg more.

Vitaliy dovgalyuk, the trainer Zabaykalsky circus said: “While the lion cub is responsible for the content. Receives all necessary veterinary care — his serve and the doctors of the Volgograd and Moscow colleagues. Feeding more vitamins. And, in General, feels good now.”

the fate of Gromika is open to question. In the circus it temporarily.

Text: GTRK “Chita”