Transbaikalia were hit by hail and flooded

the inhabitants of the Baikal region are counting their losses after the devastating hail. In the homes of the broken glass and damaged roofs, energy eliminate accidents on the power lines.

the Unpleasant surprise came from the weather to the residents of the Transbaikal area. Hail broke Windows in homes, caused significant damage to farmsteads.

the Inhabitants of the Baikal area has experienced a disaster caused by a quick change of warm atmospheric front cold. And if the village Chernoozersky people are only scared of heaven doomsday, here in Beliche and Zabaikalsk felt its impact in full.

“it was just rain at first, then suddenly hail, strong wind, the door we are kept because it was ripped. Then we hear a roar look out the window. We have the whole roof entirely. All and house the entire ceiling all fully ran and on the veranda,” — says a resident of the village Bilitujj Ekaterina Sharapova.

Now in Balithe restore to breakages of power lines, repairing fences and count the damage done to the roofs. Suffered apartment building.

“the effects of sad, because several houses were left without roofs, fallen trees, torn sheets of slate, and washed out roads”, — said the head of the rural settlement Bilituyskoe.

In the house of Olga Yakushkino in Zabaikalsk element, according to the owner, hurled lightning. Well, and the wind completed the destruction of the roof, exposing almost half of the house.

“the Storm was approaching, we went home and blast that was strong. And all the roof we tore off,” says Arlashkina.

are unable to withstand the hurricane and fences, sheet metal literally crushed under the pressure of the wind. Hail reaching the size of chicken eggs, beaten vegetable gardens. In houses glasses are beaten out.

After the rain there and some flooding of farmlands and houses. All this is now documented.

Residents of flooded areas has warned about possible evacuation. One family in the street Anniversary already temporarily relocated to a hotel. In the water captivity there were two semi-detached house on the street Steppe, in the moment, the water from them was gone.