When you’re in another country, you have the opportunity to try all sorts of dishes. Most of them are new to your palate. You might decide to give them all a shot since they look exciting. As a result, you forget your diet plan. You eat the dishes you’re not supposed to. In order to stay disciplined while travelling, these are some tips to consider.

Carry healthy snacks all the time

You need to have a healthy snack in your bag so that when your group decides to eat in a restaurant that has no healthy option for you, you won’t get hungry. You have something in your bag and can continue eating. You also won’t feel tempted to eat dishes that don’t match your diet plan.

You can try, but only a few bites

There’s nothing wrong with trying out new dishes and snacks that you can only taste in another country. It doesn’t mean you have to finish the entire meal. You can share it with your friend so that you won’t force yourself to finish it. When you’re in a country where it’s rude not to finish a meal, you might rather not order anything.

Choose accommodation where you can cook

It helps to have an accommodation option that allows you to cook. Hotels with a kitchen are usually expensive but are suitable for people like you with a strict diet. Instead of eating out all the time, you can decide to buy ingredients from a store and cook in your hotel. Apartments are also an option if you can’t afford to rent a hotel room with a kitchen.


Always remind yourself

If you have an app that lists all the dishes you can eat, it would be great. You can always refer to it when you don’t know what to eat. You can also check the nutrients that you’re getting from every dish. If you start to break your eating habits, you can refer to the app and get back on track.

Always have fruits in your diet

Don’t forget to eat fruits since they contain the nutrients your body needs. You can also bring preserved fruits with you on the trip. For instance, if you’re a fan of coconut, you can order it from desiccated coconut suppliers. You can order in bulk and bring some of it during the trip. If the country that you’re visiting is popular for specific fruits, you can give them a try also.

With these tips, you can stay on track with your diet plan. Apart from eating right, you also have to remind yourself to do physical activities. Find a hotel with a fitness gym so you can keep your exercise routine. Walk to the nearby places from your hotel for some cardio exercise. You don’t want to head back home after the trip and feel guilty because you gained a lot of weight. You need to learn from your previous travel experience.


Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/Nlj-FfkpJ3k