Trials not over yet: forecasters told what to expect from the weather

the Storm in the center of Russia took a breather, but not for long. When Moscow is going to fall a thunder shower? And how many more will drown in the rain South of our country?

the inhabitants of the Central Russia have to go through one more rainy day. A tropical downpour on June 20, Muscovites will remember for a long time. So big capital did not sink for a long time. Dozens of cars went into the water on the roof on Vernadsky Avenue and Varshavskoe highway. Just flooded or flooded were more than thirty sections, and two of the underpass. Some streets had to be crossed by swimming. On the other machine acted as ferries and in the trunks of transported passengers.

on Sunday, the flood has already happened on the Volga. In Saratov and in the town of Kamyshin, Volgograd region showers preceded by dust storm. South Russia nature will not give respite. In Crimea, besides the rain, it was possible to observe even tornadoes. Rainy was in the Stavropol and Kuban.

In a weekend of extreme rainfall recorded meteorological stations in Central and southern Russia. And sometimes it spilled about half of June’s volume of moisture.

In Moscow, the rain, like the Sabbath, to happen in early summer, usually every three to four years. This June there were already four. And a month later became the most rainy for the whole era global warming.

But now the atmosphere over Central Russia will start to calm down. Today one array of rain clouds stretching from the Baltic coast to the foothills of the Caucasus. So, in the South of Russia again there are intense showers and squalls. Another array will cover the Volga and the Urals.

And in the center and North-West of the Russian plains will begin to shift cloudy crest of the Scandinavian anticyclone. Far inland, this center of high pressure will not miss system for front sections, shifting to the South and along the Urals.

In the Crimea will remain almost daily thunderstorms. By Friday in Simferopol will drop about a quarter of June’s rainfall. The prevailing daytime temperature is +27, +30.

In the Centralth Russia, thanks to the influence of the anticyclone will be mostly Sunny. However, on some days, arrays of a cumulonimbus cloud from the South can get and on the Russian plain. In Moscow the highest probability of storm rains on Tuesday. On this day in the city you can fall in the order of 15-20 mm of rain. He will be the coolest in the week — the thermometer will not rise above +20. And other days nothing will prevent the sun warmed the air to +23, +26