Tropical animals in the snow of the Ural in Yekaterinburg elephants came out on the promenade

Indian elephants, immersed in the Ural snowdrifts, — this picture today, January 23, forced the inhabitants of Yekaterinburg rather pull out mobile phones to be able to photograph as two animals from a traveling Italian circus caught on the streets. Trainers argue that the situation was under control. Helped deploy giants in the right direction even employees of GAI, but, according to the staff witnesses, the direction of movement often depended solely on the will of the animal.

Tropical animals in the Ural snowdrifts to such residents of Yekaterinburg were not ready. Footage of elephants roam the winter Ural capital, flooded the social network: “They, probably, such a practice, so walk, not for the first time, too.”

the Massive animals has surprised many, and some, perhaps, even scared. You can see how the trainers are trying to deploy giants to the side of the circus, but the elephants won’t even notice.

it All happened next to a busy street, just a short distance from the Yekaterinburg circus. This is the reason why the witnesses suggested that elephants just ran away from the trainers, but actually ran only one elephant. Just today in the Urals ended with a tour of the circus, where 45-year-old mother Carla and her colleague, 50-year-old Rania, the main character. The animal was trained to move, but something went wrong.

“the Truck was heated, was warm, but they decided to go their own way. Played with the snow, played on the road with the trees, surprised his audience once again, but then returned. They have been convinced they need to go in St. Petersburg, the audience is waiting”, — commented the Director of the Ekaterinburg state circus Tamara Bortnikov.

the Elephant back to the circus were accompanied by several people, even had to block traffic. In Yekaterinburg at that time was not so cold — minus three degrees. SPecialist I assure you — this trip did not hurt the animals.

“In our Central Moscow zoo lives a whole family of elephants, is also Indian, and they love to walk in winter on the street, but there is an important point — the main thing that elephants have always had the opportunity to independently leave in a warm place”, — said the head of Department on public relations of the Ekaterinburg zoo Ekaterina Uvarova.

the Naughty elephant to the last did not want to complete the boardwalk. Back in the truck she agreed only with a friend, grabbing her trunk by the tail. Now touring in St. Petersburg is not threatened.