Trump did not go to the aggravation: ganged up on him and the Republicans and the Democrats

Iran promises to abandon the new attacks on American targets if Washington does not show further aggression. Tehran is even willing to negotiate with the White house about the nuclear deal if the US will return to the agreement.

Iranian missiles hit the target, and it was a resounding slap to the United States of America. So close to Tehran praised the attacks on US military bases in Iraq. And said that now revenge for General Soleimani has been completed. As reported by the permanent representative of Iran to the United Nations in a letter to the Secretary General Antonio Gutteres, further escalation of the conflict Iran is not looking. Unless, of course, the US itself will not add fuel to the fire.

“All our actions were proportional to the assassination of Qassem Soleimani. They have been completed. If the United States will no longer take military action against Iran on our side — we will not undertake such actions”, — said the permanent representative of Iran to the UN Majid Takht-Ravanchi.

Vice-President Mike Pence announced that he had received “encouraging intelligence.” Supposedly Iran has already instructed all his allies to refrain from actions against the United States. But the Pentagon chief mark Esper emphasizes, the us military remains in a state of full combat readiness. In the case of threats – instantly strike.

“Attack, fortunately, did not harm the staff of the United States and our coalition partners. We remain vigilant and continue to take protective measures. We hope that Iran uses chance to reduce tensions,” said Esper.

In the us Congress openly declare: a large-scale armed conflict with Iran is not necessary. Therefore, put to the vote the resolution. She, as announced by the speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi, should limit the military power that trump can use against Tehran.

According to Pelosi, Democrats are extremely worried about the lack of a coherent strategy on the Middle East. But the trump – says: he has a clear plan. In the first place — is penalties.

“Myou continue to consider the options in response to Iranian aggression. The United States immediately impose additional punitive economic sanctions against the Iranian regime. These powerful sanctions will be in force as long as Iran does not change its behavior. I repeat: Iran must abandon its nuclear ambitions,” said trump.

But about personal decisions trump to kill the Iranian commander Soleimani now resent even the Republicans. So, Republican Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky was troubled by the fact that the White house has not explained why needed this punitive operation. According to him, it only exacerbated the conflict in the middle East and the most complicate and without that uneasy relations with Tehran.

“it is Very sad that the US government has not presented convincing evidence that the American military or diplomats were in danger from the Soleimani. Diplomatic engagement with Iran will now be extremely difficult. I doubt that we will soon be able to move on to negotiations,” said Paul.

Suddenly, a restrained U.S. response to Iran’s attack was traditionally supported European countries. Did the same for Japan.

UN Secretary-General antónio of Gutteres wrote on Twitter that praised the signs of de-escalation of the conflict in the Persian Gulf. And noted that the world cannot afford another war.