Trump is ready to visit China in response to the signing of the agreement bargains

the US President Donald trump said that he was ready to soon visit China. According to him, this move is a response to the signing of the us-China agreement on the first phase of the deal to resolve trade disputes.

With the corresponding statement of the American leader spoke on Wednesday, January 15, at the White house. Trump suggested that his counterpart XI Jinping watching the broadcast of the ceremony of signing the agreement. The US President noted that this step is important, had never been done in relation to China, but also to the future of a fair and mutually beneficial trade, reports TASS.

the details of the transaction yet to be announced. Earlier, the head of the National economic Council, White house, Lawrence Kudlow said that the States will retain duties on certain goods from China. This measure will ensure that Beijing will adhere to the obligations identified in the first phase of trade agreements between countries. According to the Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin duties on Chinese goods will continue until agreement on the second phase, the trading transactions.

it is Assumed that reduced U.S. duties on goods from China will be imposed thirty days after the signing of the document.