Trump loses in key States

the Sky, air force one, mount Rushmore — embodied the picture of American patriotism. Sculptor John Gutzon Borglum chose her main characters — Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Roosevelt. Say, from someone who watched them out the window of the Boeing, have a dream someday to join them.

From the height where flying trump, are seen dark spots, but they are now covered with this symbol of the United States. Remember that two of those who carved in granite, were slave owners, and the memorial is on Indian land. The indigenous inhabitants of these places offered a compromise, but on the draw as any chronicler-winner, the author did not agree.

the Face of chief crazy horse too could appear on mount Rushmore, but the sculptor Borglum, the Indians refused. Equestrian statue of rock were next cut 73 years. Almost finished the head and started the hand.

His main war for the Black hills (the so-called this mountain range) — crazy horse lost. The US government needed was found in these places the gold, and the Treaty signed with the Indians at Fort Laramie, turned into dust.

“I came here because here is a collection of racist and if not racist, then people who support this racist system. They say: let’s make America great again. It was not great, there never was equality, have always been slaves. We — the native Americans gained the right to vote only after the First and Second world wars,” said one of the Indians.

In the hands of a young man from the tribe of Oglala — the flag of the Lakota Indians. Now, when the slogan “black Lives matter” have learned even in the most remote reservations, the Lakota people remember, how important for him are the Black hills. Above them on the day of arrival of the trump swept the battle cry.

This group, hiding their faces behind masks, rolled on the warpath on the battered van. Not the pipe of peace was smoked they were before protthere. The most radical — to do away with the mount Rushmore with dynamite. “This is our land, here we pray to our gods, conduct a ceremony on the territory of the Black hills illegally taken away. We prayed that we pointed the way and to protect us,” say the audience.

Apparently, from the police, the protesters blocked the road to the memorial — and from supporters of trump, who did not like that a national holiday turns into a political strife.

to Protest against the emergence of a trump on mount Rushmore came from all the surrounding reserves. Medical masks on their faces (and they are here at all) is also part of a political protest, because trunovskom rally masks to wear is optional.

Entered lightly. The curve of the incidence of coronavirus in the United States again abruptly picked up. The victims — more than 132 thousand. The infection crept close to trunovskoe family. The virus was found in Kimberly Gilfoyle, who works at the campaign headquarters and meets with Donald trump Jr. Trump Sr. in South Dakota he was supporting them. Held an event for young Republicans, and where was Christine Malimon, an aspiring politician from Oregon hails from the Moldavian city of Beltsy.

“He went to the office in order to save our country. Left side, she sees he is doing well, and they pay people to do these raids all across America,” said Malimon.

on the other side, too, there are those with whom you can discuss what is happening in Russian. Former soldier us USA Ksenia Voropaeva flew in from new York. “I found it all through the organization of “Veterans against war”, which is in action for almost 20 years. That is, it began after the invasion of Iraq. And the first soldiers returned and began to explain how all of this is bad. And now we, the movement of veterans telling and trying to stop global warquot; said Voropayeva.

In the war Xenia had no luck. “Prisoner” took one of the first. Three hours of patience police came to an end. In vain the Indians and joined them activists BLM Unscrew the wheels of the car and released the shaman. Spells on the police and the national guard had no effect. Then put to use his fists.

the protesters in the hands of the same plastic sheets as in the national guard. On the persons mask. Start of the collision. Where the Indians there and the cowboys. In the tourist town of Keystone at the foot of mount Rushmor rode the supporters of trump from the border of new Mexico. The road across the country went not with empty hands.

things are heating up in seconds. Arms and the second side of this road user conflict. Michael Harris stood in a picket, because he didn’t like the idea of fireworks. As a local resident he worries about protected forests.

“I was here yesterday and the day before, and the bus with the supporters trump tried to run me down. They followed me, and when I stopped on the side of this huge bus headed straight at me. And I felt all the hatred of the supporters of trump and realized that I have to protect myself,” said Harris.

Actually, he is a Republican, that is, defended it from their. But the party split. Technically its the same — from the national political Committee — mounted the movie where the US President was referred to as comrade.

“Our intelligence agencies have worked overtime to elect comrade trump. We waged a war against the so-called truth, which you decadent Americans spread about our friend. We manipulated your voters and spread our glorious propaganda and you, American dogs were set against each other”, — is spoken in the video.

the Video was released a few days after The liberal New York Times was stunned with the investigation about the alleged links between the Russian intelligence services with the Taliban. Moscow supposedly to pay extra to them for the deaths of American soldiers is fantastic for poor Afghanistan a $ 100,000 reward for the head of one of the military, and trump, who reported to the intelligence sitting idly by.

“the intelligence People didn’t even believe that it ever happened. I think it is cheating to Newspapers and Democrats,” said trump.

And cheating is not even his. Those long ago convinced that in White sitting, the agent of the Kremlin, and need to be convinced that sitting and Martian. The odds are with the Republicans. Among them are many military members and their families. Such as a former sailor from San Diego If Gerall, whose fleet now serves the son.

“I don’t believe in propaganda, it is all the echoes of the upcoming elections, this is the “Russian trace” — when you start to accuse Russian of all the sins, immediately diverted attention from the real issues. This is how the BLM and “anti-fascists” who are trying to do everything to trump the President and his administration did not look in the best light on the eve of the election. Collusion only in the Democratic party. Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, all of the administration — that they have exactly a conspiracy. And Joe Biden – too”, — said Gerall.

Joe Biden in the company – of course — the weak link. Can fail. It is difficult to come to terms with those who began to ramble. Isn’t it time to the doctor, asked Biden to first after a prolonged quarantine of the press conference. And it’s not about the coronavirus.

“took Place and constantly pass the examination. I can’t wait to compare my cognitive abilities the cognitive abilities of a man against whom I lead the election campaign,” said Biden.

whether Joe Biden on mount Rushmore, if he becomes President, is an open question. In any case, and Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama carried out their activities, for which they had not been branded. By the way, under Obama over the mountain died down the previous fireworks. So trump turns just restoreanovel interrupted for ten years tradition.

Before the sound of shots, the American President addressed the supporters. Trump has promised to create a national Park of remembrance, where will be collected by defeated radicals monuments, and some of them will rebuild in the same places. However, this whole war with the past — only a symptom of the disease, which has come to declare openly.

For those who did not win the lottery ticket and not go to the mountain, the sky above it staged a flypast. From the campsite, where friends from different States have settled Marion Ore, it was seen best. “People need to go back to work, we need this. We need to continue to develop the country, it is time to end handouts from the state. At first it was okay and I took the money I spent, it’s time to end and to begin again to earn. I love trump. Forward, Trump!” said a supporter of the American President.

the Economy stalled campaign for trump in the polls, he loses in key States is only one of the conditions of success. The second may be just a struggle to preserve our American heritage. With this renewed thrust to overcome the four-month pre-election stage will be much easier.

Text: “News of the week”