Trump received the

Extremely hot start to the year, confirming that the theme of war and the world today is very connected with the situation in the middle East. The region was discussed at the talks between Putin and Erdogan in Turkey, during the unprecedented visit of Putin to Damascus with Assad during a visit by Merkel to Moscow. Everything is very serious. And a tragic symbol of the human surge was the tragedy with Ukrainian Boeing that a terrible mistake was shot down by an Iranian missile.

the World was shocked when Iran has carried out from its territory missile launches on American military bases in Western Iraq. It was an operation of retribution for the murder in Iraq is very powerful and very beloved in his country, Iranian General Soleimani. General not just a General, and officially the third person in the state, the spiritual son of Khamenei — Iran’s Supreme leader. To kill Soleimani ordered personally, trump, and the murder that was committed when General Soleimani arrived in Iraq.

it is Important to fix a few things. After the decisive missile attack of Iran on us bases tension between the two countries reached the peak, it seems, in the history of the relationship, so much so that in some moment it seemed that the great war has already begun. In any case, so the feeling was extra soaked and downright desperate statement by the UN Secretary General. But then it turned out that Iran is just scared US. Most Iranian missiles to overcome American air defense system and hit the target, but none of the us military was not injured. Destruction there, but do it wisely. Moreover, Iran warned Iraq of missile launches — obviously to and the United States found out about it in advance. At the end of the attack, Iran said on achievements for retribution.

And the world got the image of the “missile slap” Trump. For clarity, this is done on the website of Iran’s spiritual leader Khamenei, signed in several languages, including Russian: “This is just a slap in the face. Revenge is another question. They received only a slap. Military actionthe Wii in this form is insufficient for this case. Important is to put an end to the US presence in the region, which is evil and wicked”.

it is Interesting that the allies actions of the President of the United States is frankly not supported, and the leader of the Democrats in Congress Nancy Pelosi the morning after Iranian missile attack urged trump to stop the senseless provocation against Iran: “Closely monitoring the situation after the bombing of American troops in Iraq. We must ensure the safety of our troops, including to stop the unnecessary provocations from the administration and demand that Iran stop violence. America and the world can’t afford war.”

President trump, realizing that the election-year game with the Iranian fire for it is too risky, said that he is not ready to fight, but rather impose on Iran with new economic sanctions. “The United States will impose new sanctions on the Iranian regime. We have a large, powerful, accurate rockets. They are accurate and deadly. We are working to create many of hypersonic missiles. But the fact that we have many new and powerful weapons, does not mean that we are going to use it. We don’t want to use this weapon,” said trump.

After this statement, the world exhaled. And it seemed that the most acute phase is over. But trump said so, not because she took pity on Iran. Trump spared themselves first and foremost, because the continuation of the provocation, without real guarantees of victory threatens to deprive him of the chance of re-election for a second term. That’s what was decisive.