Trump said that Iran will never be nuclear weapons

Iran will never be nuclear weapons, wrote to the President of the United States Donald trump on Monday in his Twitter.

meanwhile, a senior adviser to the American leader of Kellyann Conway said that trump is still willing to negotiate with the Iranian authorities to revise the terms of the nuclear deal.

Responding to a question of journalists at the White house on Monday, January 6, Conway confirmed that the President of the United States is open to talks on this subject. “If Iran wants to start behaving like a normal country,” — said the adviser, quoted by TASS.

Previously, trump has repeatedly said he is committed to dialogue with Tehran and is ready to meet with representatives of Iran without preconditions. However, Washington put forward against Tehran, a number of requirements, among which the complete cessation of nuclear program and ballistic missiles, the return of the Americans held. Another requirement of the United States — the cessation of “hostile activities” of Iran in the middle East.

After the killing of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani as a result of American air strikes in the vicinity of the airport of Baghdad in the early hours of 3 January, the situation in the middle East deteriorated sharply. Iran has promised a tough response to the United States and has already begun to reduce its commitments in the framework of the Joint comprehensive plan of action (SVPD).

for its part, the Russian foreign Ministry suggested “efficient recipe” to save the nuclear deal. To save the AGREEMENT, the countries-participants of the agreement must continue to work hard, believe in the Russian foreign Ministry.