Trump said that the Iranian General killed in the name of good

In Baghdad, should arrive another detachment of the U.S. army. 200 Marines have strengthened protection of the U.S. Embassy in the Iraqi capital. Soldiers take up positions in preparation for a possible assault. U.S. authorities fear unrest associated with the new air attack on Baghdad.

After just a day after the assassination of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani drones fired machine with Shiite militias. Destroyed two cars, but not with the military, and doctors. Killed six medics. Who is behind the attack has not been identified yet.

against this background, Donald trump said that the Pentagon is ready to take further tough action against Iran. The White house made an appeal, telling how to kill Qassem Soleimani.

Report to supporters about the attack on the Iranian General Soleimani Donald trump has decided to keep in Miami, although the person actually speaking in the Church, the US President sounded too bloodthirsty.

“Soleimani was killed, and his bloody rampage ended forever. He planned attacks against the Americans, but now we see that its abominations came to an end for good. He planned a major attack and we stopped it,” — said trump.

the details of the preparation of the operation publishes the Agency “Bloomberg”. “The final decision was taken in late December after the attack on the Shiite forces at the base in Kirkuk. Then killed an American contractor,” — said in a statement the Agency.

almost a week, playing Golf and having dinner with friends, trump, in fact, have made evasive maneuvers. Discussed the future attack on Soleimani narrow circle of advisers, which included Vice-President Mike Pence. After that tweet for the level of American expertise on key security issues is somehow very disturbing.

the comments from the Pens left no stone unturned. Reminded that terrorists were 19, not 12 and that they were Sunnis, not Shiites, as Sulaymaniyah. That is, could hardly be one. And here is another party prepotovci the RAID at the airport in Baghdad — Mike Pompeo — pounced on the Europeans.

the Truth is that the cowardly assassination of the Iranian General doesn’t Bode well, and sure, many Democrats, including potentially main rival trump in the election of Joe Biden. He was not sure that trump will be able to cope with the threat posed by Iran.

to Hedge against a new war in the Gulf at the legislative level before suggested Senator Tim Kane. He introduced in the Senate a resolution that will prohibit the Trump conduct combat operations against Iran.

the War as a way to get re-elected or to solve internal political problems for presidents of the United States is not prohibited. Clinton, Bush… In 2011, trump has no idea that in order to stay in the White house, on Iran attack Obama.

Then, not sitting in the oval office and in his office on Fifth Avenue, trump called himself a big warmonger than the then President.

the Chance will be established in this introduced now. 3,000 additional soldiers and officers being moved US to the middle East. On the basis of “Fort Bragg” (this is in North Carolina) on transporters on the eve plunged the 82nd airborne division.

With potential recruits in the US army now issues may occur. Website military records Selective Service System collapsed almost daily. Who knows not the consequences whether it’s cyber attacks, because even the permanent representative of Iran to the United Nations told CNN about the inevitable retribution for America.

“America has started the war against Iran — not only economic, but also something more, killing one of our top generals. We can’t just close our eyes to what happened. Specifically, will the vengeance will be severe revenge. Iran will act in its sole discretion, we will choose the place, time and form,” said Majid Takht-Ravanchi, permanent representative of Iran to the United Nations.

Majid Takht-Ravanchi made up two letters. One addressed to the Secretary General of the organizof the organization, the second the security Council. Iranian Ambassador to forgive to condemn the American military adventure and reports that Tehran reserves the right to self-defence. Now in range of Iranian missiles, there are 35 American military bases in the middle East.

However, much more tangible for Washington may be voting in the Iraqi Parliament for a decision on the withdrawal of US troops from the country. If successful, the victory will celebrate Tehran, after the departure of the Americans is one of the main strategic goals of Iran. Reaching it in last time and gave their all dead General Soleimani.