Trump wants Iraq to pay for the withdrawal of U.S. troops

the United States has the right to demand Iraq compensation in the event of the withdrawal of American troops from that country. This was stated by the President of the United States Donald trump on Friday in interview to TV channel Fox News. In an interview, trump says that Iraq should compensate US investment in the country (for the construction of military bases, airstrips and the Embassy in Baghdad) in recent years. Otherwise, American “troops will stay there.”

Earlier, the acting Prime Minister of Iraq Adel Abdul-Mahdi called for American troops to leave the country in order “to avoid further tensions with Iran.”

trump said that other countries – such as Saudi Arabia and South Korea – pay the USA for that American soldiers were in the country. For example, Saudi Arabia – about $ 1 billion, and South Korea – 500 million.

On the question of how Washington can achieve from Baghdad, compensation, trump said that the American’s Bank accounts placed $ 35 billion belonging to Iraq. In case of refusal of voluntary compensation, the money can remain in the accounts at US banks, suggested trump.