Trump wants to reduce the rates of testing on

President of the United States Donald trump urged to reduce the amount of testing for coronavirus. In his opinion, in the country reveal too many infections. The announcement came at a rally in Tulsa (Oklahoma), trump’s words “testing is a double – edged sword,” quoted CNN. Earlier it was reported that the US spent more than 26.5 million tests COVID-19.

the Representative of the presidential administration said that the trump, saying, “I told my people, slow test”, obviously joking. The President also called COVID-19 Kung Flu (flu — eng. “the flu”) , thereby making reference to the Chinese martial art of kung fu.

a Supporter of a candidate for the US presidential election from the democratic party Joe Biden, a member of the house of representatives from Louisiana, Cedric Richmond, commenting on the speech, trump said that the President again focused on myself instead of caring about the interests of the state.

According to the latest data, the number of infected COVID-19 in the United States exceeded 2.25 million people died over to 119.7 thousand patients.