Trump will fly away from impeachment hearings

In the United States — a new phase of the impeachment of the President. The case was transferred to the higher chamber — the Senate. Very little chance, but as for the order against trump there’s a new Ukrainian dirt.

In the upper house of the us Congress will an American court. In the process of impeachment for prosecutors — the Democrats of the lower house, for the jury of senators from both parties, chaired by the head of the Supreme court. Lawyers finally decided and trump. To protect the 45th US President will be the same person that was accused of ‘ 42.

the First media personalities — Kenneth Starr — superstar of American jurisprudence that for an open process that trump, like many others, considered from the point of view of public relations, apparently, is extremely important.

In the archives however, I found this video. Twenty years ago, trump was still friends with the Clintons. Trump said about Starr that “he is a psycho and walking disaster”.

Another star of the team trompowsky lawyers – Alan Dershowitz. The permanent participant of the TV show — has a rich track record. He defended Mike Tyson, and billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. A former law Professor from Harvard, according to him, in the elections voted for Hillary in the Senate is to protect not trump the Constitution.

the First thing you have to fight back the Dershowitz and other lawyers is the desire of the Democrats to invite the senior Senate witnesses. The thoughts of opponents trump: they could first hand tell about his talks with Zelensky on the subject of finding dirt on Biden. In the list is former national security Advisor Bolton, head of the administration of Malvani, the Secretary of state Pompeo. There is now added and assistant counsel of the trump Giuliani, Lev Parnas. Because of him, probably in the Senate, Giuliani now just will not go.

a Native of Odessa and founder of “Fraud guaranteed” Lev Parnas does not get out of the TV. Parnassus, he goes on article. It Alvinain the illegal financing of the election campaign. Apparently deciding that it will not be worse, and take Giuliani, for him a no but chance, he agreed to give Democrats the contents of his phone. Everything else is explained in words on CNN and MSNBC.

“trump was supposed to meet with Zelensky in Poland personally. But since Zelensky was not a statement of inquiry, trump referred to the problems at home with hurricane — meeting was not held. And then went to the national security Advisor and Bolton, and I’m sure he has something to tell, he is the key witness,” said Parnassus.

a Republican from Connecticut, Robert Hyde was the man through whom Parnassus has tried to solve the issue with the dismissal of the US Ambassador in Kiev, Marie Yovanovitch. Appointed by Obama, she hated the new President of the U.S., did not hesitate even to write in Twitter. These tweets Parnas Hajdu and “merge”.

the dismissal of Jovanovic dreamed of another participant in the scheme — the Ukrainian Prosecutor General Lutsenko, instead of promising to move forward the case “Burimi”. In the end Jovanovic started to follow. Messages about what makes the us Ambassador in Kiev, Hyde sent unknown with the Belgian room. Hyde forwarded to Parnassus.

“He was part of one big crowd of people who spent all their time there, associates trump, congressmen. He is always there, hovering, but he was drunk. “Trump hotel” is one big mess hard to keep a secret,” — said Parnassus.

was Not sober and the Ukrainian Prosecutor General recorded at the Parnassus in the contacts as the Jurassic. Sometimes creative thinking Yura went far beyond reason and propriety.

trump calls a lie the fact of his acquaintance with Parnassus. In response, the assistant attorney Giuliani assembles and uploads all new videos from their shared photo.

the Counter-argument trump: for the life he has to be photographed with a huge number of people. Under an hour during a reception in the East room of the White house, with entire football teams.

Putting the impeachment and the recent murder Soleimani, next, trump, in fact, recognized that for him, it — related events. And because hardly looks accidental leaked to the press an audio file with a fragment trunovskogo performances on the night for sponsors of the Republican party in Mar-a-Lago. A chronicle of the attacking drone models MQ-9 Reaper trump was reported to sponsors per minute according to the operator of a drone that was watching the shot through the camera. Reason to kill Soleimani trump, however, is not marked, but again fell on those who criticize him for his policies in the middle East.

he considers the incident a success. The success of the economy to trump the signing of new trade agreements with China, for which both Washington and Beijing fought and beat each other nearly two years. Donald trump has called it a “historic and landmark”.

“This is an incredible breakthrough. Most people thought it would never happen,” said trump. And most of all, of course, American farmers, that is the main trompowsky voter. For them, the news that China guaranteed to purchase U.S. goods and services to $ 200 billion, where the lion’s share, just for agricultural products, is a significant argument in November to vote the same as four years ago. The main thing is that impeachment is not delayed. But then promise to try the Republicans.

the Beginning of the hearing trump revealing miss. When on Capitol hill for the first time to gather together all participants in the process, the US President will fly to the forum in Davos. Not only to discuss the economy. Prepared, for example, meeting with the President of Iraq. First contact at this level since the murder in Baghdad Soleimani.

Text: “News of the week”