Trump's supporters took to the streets with weapons in their hands

If to speak about a topic of public exasperation in the States, how to miss this week revealing demonstration in Richmond (Virginia), when supporters trump took to the streets with weapons in their hands. Do not hesitate, literally with guns, and the Arsenal was a Kalashnikov, wearing helmets and flak jackets. Several thousand armed men protesting against plans by Democrats to limit the storage and carrying of weapons. Trump their constitutional right defiantly supported.

a Rally in defense of the Second amendment to the U.S. Constitution put in Richmond under the gun twenty-two thousand people. People with empty hands there almost was not. The Virginia state Capitol came out with shotguns and assault rifles, body armor and helmets, night vision devices, but no shots sounded. Civic position activists worked the best of any guard.

“the Lord gave us the right to protect ourselves from tyranny and criminals. And they want to take away this right from citizens. This is wrong. Those of us who served in the army, and brought the oath to defend the Constitution from all enemies — foreign or domestic. And now we are dealing with internal enemies,” — said the protesters.

Center of Richmond under siege. Thousands of activists, many of them with weapons, not only from Virginia and nearby States gathered here to challenge the local authorities, who want to challenge their right to own guns. Angered the Democrats. Recently in the Congress of Virginia to them the most. From the same party and Governor Ralph Nortena. The idea Nortena tougher test data of buyers of trunks, to limit the frequency of their sales (no more than one a month), and also to prohibit open carrying in public events many here considered a direct challenge to the Second amendment, as a fan of Russian weapons named Ryan.

“These new laws of gun control are at odds with the Constitution. AboutOAU automatic Kalashnikov. Other machines are also good, but Russian has no equal,” said Ryan.

However, its true, and the Governor Nortena. During last year’s mass shooting in Virginia beach at the hands of the municipal clerk by the name of Dewain Craddock killed 12 people. To recognize in Craddock’s killer is unlikely to happen. Not marginal and not an obvious psycho, he worked as an engineer utilities. Behind — no criminal record. On the contrary, served in the National guard of the United States. Who knows, maybe it was the tightening of legislation in the sphere of trafficking in weapons could stop the day of Craddock with his automatic pistol Colt…

“I offered 8 sound ideas in order to avoid the situation of firearms possession of dangerous people. Each year, more than 1,000 residents of Virginia are killed by armed violence. Three people every day. With the pace not one of you will be alive by March,” said Ralph Northam.

Laws are still pending, but the state is heading in full protest of the shaft. 91 of the 95 counties of Virginia declared itself a sanctuary for the Second amendment.

Those who think otherwise are decided on the day of the meeting not to appear on the street. Liberal-minded young people slept in the offices of local legislators, out of the Windows watching the rally.

“the Democrats are doing all this deliberately, as if waiting for a reaction. I talk every day with people with guns, and to think I never thought about some civil war. All they feel is the warming of the atmosphere from the head of the state and the position of the Democrats on firearms. Virginia never lay down their arms. If they continue to promote this theme, to anything good it will not, they need to stop,” — said Philip van cleave, the head of the League of protection of citizens of Virginia.

on the Eve of the rally, the authorities have threatened Richmond extremists (three of a kind organization called “Base” on the way into town deven arrested). Feared a repetition of Charlottesville. There three years ago clashed with the radicals of both sides, not without casualties. But the main troublemaker and has remained well-known American journalist, conspiracy theorist. Alex Jones jumped on the armored car.

“News of the week” intercepted the founder of InfoWars channel on one of the lots. A rare opportunity for an interview. “I’m here in defense of freedom of speech and the right to self-defence and against the Governor Nortena that funding for foreign multinational interests. They are trying to start a civil war in our Republic. So I’m here to defend our nation for which he fought and gave their lives millions of our veterans. For the spirit of 1776,” admitted Jones.

C Jones fully agree Donald trump. “Your the Second amendment has been the most serious attack in the great state of Virginia. That’s what happens when you vote for Democrats — they take your weapons. The Republicans will win in 2020, thanks to the Democrats,” said trump.

For trump hot gun theme is also the opportunity for revenge. Four years ago in Virginia, he lost, despite the fact that the local part of the one-storey America voted for him. Support the White house and those in the United States believe gun lobby.

“In new York when the guy took the van and went on the bike path, where they killed people on bicycles and pedestrians, they accused him, not the truck. I don’t know how to make it all safe, but the Second amendment says you can’t touch guns,” said Steve Clark, owner of the gun shop.

But the weapons — arms- strife. In the hands of citizens of the United States is now 393 million barrels. The police with the Army, as only 6 million. 15 208 people died in America from gunshot wounds last year. 211 of them victims of mass killings. Without a gun, and often without a semi-automatic rifle has not done any one of them.

“Everyone I consulted said the same thing: voters turn away from you forever, it will be a nightmare. But I think no matter what, you can’t sell automatic weapons to anyone except the military and police,” — said the candidate for the U.S. presidency from the democratic party and Michael Bloomberg.

Bloomberg unlike many of its competitors in this matter is covered by armor, his experience as mayor of new York. At that time, when he led the Executive of the largest U.S. cities, there is introduced the rule to stop and frisk. The police can watch for any who seem suspicious. Out loud about trying not to speak, but, as a rule, it is about blacks and the young.

Propaganda video about the accident, after which the music was playing, but he is not heard, removed the activists from the movement Man Up. Eastern Brooklyn. One of the most crime areas in new York. Here their headquarters. Show us how in a single district on a voluntary basis are struggling with gun violence, agreed, Timothy Washington. He is the Director of the system of crisis management. If in a simple way, just on the front. Work for 16 years.

“it Began with the fact that our Executive Director was murdered younger brother. Shot on the street. And then he felt the need to establish such an organization,” — said Timothy.

Past a portrait of Martin Luther king penetrate into the basement. Something like a command center. On the walls of the map two police stations. Daily volunteers bypassed the hottest point.

“At the moment for 800 days we didn’t have murders here, for 274 days, there were no cases of firing,” explained Timothy.

the Rest of America from such optimistic indicators are separated not days or months or light years. In less than four weeks 2020 from firearms in the US killed 2534 people. 950 of them were killed. 15 — during a mass shooting. WEstero — children under 11 years.

Text: “News of the week”