Tsekalo bought the name from his ex-wife for a younger lover

the Russian producer, television presenter Alexander Tsekalo bought out ex-wife’s name to give her another wife, the artist Darina Erwin. Previously, the artist was connected by family ties with Victoria Galushko, sister of singer Vera Brezhneva.

according StarHit, Erwin refused to take her husband’s surname, because I didn’t want to be wearing ex-wife. Surrounded by the couple said that Tsekalo did as a man, leaving Galushko a house, a car. In addition, the producer still entirely family. Victoria did not want to part with the name, but in the end, Alexander Tsekalo paid her for the change of passport data. Under the terms, Galushko had to go to the Ukraine and reclaim the maiden. The former spouse even hired lawyers who controlled the process.

Darina Erwin Tsekalo younger than thirty years. The young artist is half Russian, half Korean. Tsekalo was previously married to singer lolita, which, incidentally, recently split with her husband.