Tunnel for Putin in Penza has developed a device for high-tech disinfection at the residence of the President

“Ensure the safety of the first persons of the state and all who visit it”. It’s about the devices that are installed in Putin’s residence in Novo-Ogarevo and in the Kremlin. As it became known, everyone who is going to personal audience with the President, must first pass through disinfection in a special tunnel.

As today, said Dmitry Peskov, the new equipment in places where most often the Russian leader appeared “in the midst of the epidemic.” The main working base now just Novo-Ogaryovo.

there are personal meetings, as well as most of the events. So extra precautions are not superfluous. And in the case of a head of state “is justified and understandable.”

After the information about the tunnels of course immediately raised questions about the manufacturer. As it turned out, the development of Russian. And the device is marked with a proud “Made in Penza”.

Through this tunnel to go outside and exit without any infection can pass from 12 to 20 people. Treatment takes just five seconds. How it works? High pressure system delivers the disinfecting solution nozzle and form a fine aerosol cloud. It destroys everything that can harm.

“We reduce the likelihood of infection and processed open the skin of the human body. Thus we eliminate all possible viruses and infections that are on the outer surfaces of the person, on clothing, on hair, on the skin, thus we fight the spread,” — says Ilya Sigachev, commercial Director TD “Engine technology”.

Many have even started to worry, as after this treatment, to go to work raw. Size one drop reaches to 20 microns. Simply put, the generated aerosol cloud will evaporate very quickly, all will be dry, and also risks for skinclothes and and no no. But again the main thing is protection from the spread of the virus, the task is extremely important when we are talking about the first person.

“One of the main destinations tunnels preserve the health of the President in the end. Of course, the President makes a large number of employees, and representatives of foreign embassies. For security purposes, the development is extremely good, I think, it will be appreciated by foreign colleagues. I think this tunnel may be asked to supply to other countries”, — said Vladimir Kravtsov, a political consultant.

of Course, disinfecting the tunnel eliminates the chance of infection in the Kremlin or Novo-Ogarevo, or where it would be installed. But do not forget about other methods of protection. It is important to stick to have all of our usual measures, for example, a safe distance, but also to monitor the latest developments.

“It’s definitely a necessary reality in which we will continue to live until the arrival of the vaccine. The presidential administration and other authorities are very attentive to the implementation of any technologies that are developed in the world and it really is a sign that carrying out some checking and this technology works and those measures have an impact on reducing the risk of the disease,” said Eric edge, a member of the public Council under the Ministry of health of Russia.

so far, Penza developers can release 100 of these tunnels in a month. Deliveries have already had to go to many regions of Russia. And the prices for these products for companies is hardly big, especially when it comes to confronting the coronavirus and the risk that many employees at one point you can go to the hospital.

“retail price starts from 180 thousand rubles with VAT. Certainly, the demand is high now our capacity is full. We now have a certain portfolio. A competitive market is also available, on the General wave of demand is there and iNOSa strange company, there are Russian manufacturers, we actively monitor, conduct their struggle,” said Ilya Sigachev, commercial Director TD “Engine technology”.

the tunnels of the Kremlin, legends and myths, they say, so many secret passages, some of which are not understood. Appeared 2 without any secrets, and which in our time around will be impossible.