January 8, Vladimir Putin has paid a working visit to Turkey, where it officially launched the gas pipeline “Turkish stream”. While they found time to discuss with the leader of Turkey, Erdogan is absolutely urgent situation in the middle East and North Africa — particularly in Libya.

the launch of the Turkish stream watch not only experts, but also Ministers, parliamentarians, all political elite of Turkey. The ceremony in one of the largest halls of Istanbul. People more and more. On stage — a symbolic fragment of the pipe. All the evidence suggests that the opening of the “Turkish stream” is an event of national scale. Turn the valve and the gas went! The final colossal work, which brought together Russia and Turkey.

“We live in a complex world, and unfortunately, in a region where we are located, there is a serious tendency to aggravation of the situation. But Turkey and Russia show very different examples. An example of collaboration and cooperation for the benefit of our peoples and the peoples of all Europe and the whole world. I want to Express my gratitude to the Turkish authorities, the Turkish President for the timely issuance of all necessary for the construction of a gas pipeline permits and licences, for the political will shown by the leadership of Turkey in the implementation of projects of national importance and national interest of their country”, — said Vladimir Putin.

“the Russian proverb says: smart comrade — half of the road. We hope that Russia and Turkey, two neighboring countries, will continue with determination to walk on the same path as the two the good companion” — said Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

the Common position of the two States: instead of chopping wood in the toughest region, you need to consider the mutual interests and to introduce high technology.

In Northern Turkey still lingers on furnace heating. With the launch of the “Turkish stream” in many homes there will be gas already in the coming weeksthe neck time. Local restaurant and today warms a rare stove, but the gas will eventually allow you to save money.

“Coal is difficult and expensive. To heat only one room in my house needs a ton of coal on a monthly basis and rooms — four. Out if dollars count, almost one hundred and fifty. Would be natural gas, I would pay half,” — said the Director of the restaurant.

Piping — 930 kilometers. 31.5 billion cubic meters of gas annually. Two lines at the bottom of the Black sea. For one the fuel is for Turkey, on the other — to the European consumers. When welding every seam is checked with ultrasound. And the depth in some areas — about two kilometers.

“It is unique in many ways, unprecedented in the parameters of the deepwater gas transportation system. When the construction of “Turkish stream” was applied advanced innovative technologies, thus ensuring maximum economic efficiency of gas transportation, to ensure safety and environmental cleanliness of the pipeline,” said Putin.

an Example of technological leap — compressor station “Russian” near Anapa. One of the most powerful in Europe. Here the gas comes from fields in Western Siberia. And it will suffice for a long time.

“Now on the Yamal Peninsula at full capacity entered a new giant field — Bovanenkovo. Commissioned all three gas facility deposits total capacity of 115 billion cubic meters of gas. And now turn the new Yamal field Kharasaveiskoe. Only these two projects will ensure gas supplies over the next 110 years,” said Alexey Miller, head “Gazprom”.

Anapa — in direct contact with Istanbul.

this substation with the Turkish side. The small village of Kayika, thanks to the pipeline at the same time gaining momentum and the hotel business.

to Defend their profits in Turkey able. Ankara, in fact, took the initiative in Bulgaria. Initially, the gas was supposed to go on the “South stream”. But in 2014, Sofia made concessions to the EU — the pipeline did not take place. But Turkish engineers conducted construction with double energy.

“Turkish stream” was built in record time. Sea part — just 15 months. In many ways, the pipeline has become a symbol of pragmatism. Erdogan has shown that no external pressure is able to wipe out joint projects. But Russia now expects to strengthen its position in the European gas market.

And it is understandable why at a ceremony in Istanbul and the President of Serbia Vucic — he’s in that day were actively posted photos to Instagram.

Arrived and the Prime Minister of Bulgaria, who at the same time in detail told, how it is completed continuation of the gas pipeline. Does not hide the interest and Hungary.

“Russian gas Supplies via the “Turkish cause”, without a doubt, will be of great value not only for the economy of Turkey and the black sea region, but will also have a positive impact on the development of many southern European countries, will enhance the energy security of Europe as a whole”, — said Vladimir Putin.

But the focus, of course, not only the gas, the whole region is in turmoil. Putin and Erdogan talk eye to eye with them, only the interpreters. The conversation lasted an hour and a half. Then another conversation, in the presence of Lavrov, Shoigu and the head of the Turkish foreign Minister Cavusoglu. Dinner — apparently — is also the opportunity to discuss the situation in the region. Following the talks, Putin and Erdogan made a joint statement.

“the Presidents strongly supported the decision of all problems in the Persian Gulf and the region as a whole exclusively by peaceful means in accordance with international law. Agreed a common position on the Libyan resolution in accordance with the decisions of the UN Security Council. I’d like to emphasise the appeal which presidents Putin and Erdogan addressed all the Libyan parties to immediately cease hostilities”, — said Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

the Construction of “Turkish stream” in this context is a signal for the whole region: Russia and Turkey are able to implement huge projects, despite the attempts of pressure. Their voices makes sense to listen.

Text: “News of the week”