The German TV stations have spoken out against attempts at censorship by Qatar. Filming permits during the World Cup are currently subject to conditions, as ARD confirmed on Monday. The British newspaper “Guardian” reported about it first.

“It’s true that in order to get a filming permit in Qatar, you have to meet certain requirements. We as ARD are also affected by this,” said dpa when asked. “We are not only familiar with such requirements with regard to reporting from Qatar, but such an approach is also common in many other countries – such as recently in China.”

ARD will “nevertheless use all the opportunities available to it, as planned, not only to report on sports, but also to report critically and profoundly on the World Cup in Qatar”.

According to unanimous statements, the conditions include a ban on filming locals in their private rooms or accommodations in which guest workers are housed.

These restrictions also apply in government buildings, churches, universities, hospitals and private businesses. These restrictions are part of a list of conditions that filmmakers must agree to in order to be allowed to film. According to the Guardian, they also apply to photographers.

The ARD is also “in direct contact with Fifa about the conditions.” ZDF “is committed to comprehensive reporting from the World Cup host country outside the stadiums,” said the second on Monday. The broadcaster is “in talks with Fifa about the conditions for the filming permits”.

The first also explained: “The personal impressions and experiences of our colleagues on site will also play a major role – and of course they will not be subject to any censorship. In addition, ARD has already intensively highlighted the negative sides of this football World Cup in extensive documentaries in recent months and will continue to do so.”