Two comrades were serving: the work of physicians in Yaroslavl region

On behalf of the President of July-August will be extended for additional payments to doctors and drivers “soon”, who are fighting with the coronavirus. There are many examples of how this hard work help them close.

Dmitry Pokrovsky and Dmitry Shimanov — electrician and it specialist. Two months ago, they even could not think that so abruptly changed his life.

“Mom with the change came tired. They were working not that for 12 hours, and a lot more used to late. And I was sitting without work”, — says Dmitry Pokrovsky.

it was Then that he came up with an idea to help mom, who works as a nurse in the Yaroslavl hospital. But if you go to work with patients with coronavirus, of course, only with a childhood friend.

Dmitry Shimanov never thought that in his family were doctors, and when she told his parents that he wanted to become a nurse, it turned out he was part of the medical dynasty. “Grandma, I have worked in a hospital, far away in Nekrasov. I didn’t even know,” — says Dmitry Shimanov.

Responsibilities, as well as all the nurses to feed patients, clean and disinfect the premises. It happens that in the red zone, guys are spending six hours. And, of course, their main helper and mentor — his mom Pokrovsky.

“We’re in one shift work two by two. And they help us, and we them. We are all together”, — says Irina Pokrovskaya.

Although to chat with his son now rarely, mostly only at lunch time. Sets the table mom. Every time she tries to pamper son with something tasty. Although the sweet Dima also did not refuse. During a break talking about everything — and about the personal and about work. Discuss, of course, and allowances to doctors, because the families Pokrovsky and Shimanovich is a lot of support.

“now all the Payments in full, that is, presidential and regional. Here everything is as it should be. It stimulates to work even more. But not money alone steamaliroot. The main thing — to help people”, — says Dmitry Pokrovsky.

During the conversation the time passes quickly, and after a new set of armor and weapons and fight again. Because the coronavirus has no days off and no lunch break.