Two days ahead, and the turnout is already impressive: why is it important to vote

More than forty million people, according to the CEC, have participated in the vote on the amendments to the Constitution of Russia — more than a third of voters. Online research confirmed this figure. Even more respondents are committed to come to the plots on 30 June and 1 July. And in electronic form, via the Internet, an opinion already expressed by 80 percent of registered citizens. In the big cities of Central Russia, the giant factories of the Urals, at the shepherd stops, lost in Siberia, across the vast country approaches the same is sanitary safety and a complete transparency of the entire process.

the weather Station in the far Eastern taiga two hundred kilometers from Khabarovsk, on the Talab Islands of the archipelago in the Pskov lake, which attracts Orthodox pilgrims at the camp Khara-Shibir ‘ where driving flocks of sheep the shepherds of Transbaikalia — the voting is going across the country on a broad front, but the main condition is always the same — the strict observance of sanitary standards.

“it is Possible today to argue that the decision to vote within a few days was justified. By the way, such practice is used in a number of States and we need to consider maybe we also continue to make use of this opportunity”, — said the Chairman of the Federation Council of Russia Valentina Matvienko.

Those who attended over the weekend have doubled. The information wall of the Central election Commission is already working — 85 screens according to the number of the Russian regions and in each a number of voters. For example, in Moscow region — 2 381 180 people. If you add up all the numbers together, and the turnout was quite impressive.

In four days, more than forty million people — nearly forty percent of those who were on the lists of the CEC.

“If you imagine that all these people would come in one day, July 1, at the polls, and will come much more, then, of course, we might in these polling stations have very close contacts with the voters and election Commission members, and among themselves”, — said the Deputy Chairman of the CEC of Russia Nikolay Bulaev.

Convenience noted by foreign experts for a week to visit seven times more plots.

“Everything is well organized, everywhere there are instructions, General order. Everyone has their place in this organization, each fulfilling its tasks,” — expressed his opinion the international observer, docent of Helsinki University Johan Bekman.

Russian observers more than half a million — not for one election had ever been.

Portions are all large industrial enterprises. Voted the head of “KAMAZ” Sergey Kogogin

I appeal to our citizens-the conversation: take part in the vote. It is very important for each of us!

voted, and the rector of the Moscow state University Victor Sadovnichy:

— I am very impressed that this discussion was very long, meaningful, in favor of all who wished, and then came the moment to make his decision.

the amendments still to explain and it is especially important that on a telephone hotline of VGTRK and “Komsomolskaya Pravda” make this just the working group participants, those that had formulated articles of the Basic law.

“Regardless of what happens on the economic situation, the government is our key priority. We always support people who receive a pension, because we understand — for them it is the main source of income,” — said Deputy Minister of labor and social protection of Russia Olga batalina.

Everyone in the amendments finds that he is close and its cause in order to vote.

“the Amendments made to section tiethis with culture, with art, I think it’s incredibly important and correct,” said people’s artist of Russia Sergey Garmash.

“My voice is important. I live in this country, I love her. How can I not vote?”, — said people’s artist of Russia Vera Alentova.

“I will tell you that the main reason to vote today is not even the importance of the amendments and the position of our so-called opposition, who all the time talks about the fact that it is not the amendment, is not something people will be few and they will vote against and so on. It seems to me that this is at the level of betrayal behavior,” — said the film Director Vladimir Menshov.

the Public chamber established in the office of fake control. Today it is the most notable pseudo-news of the day.

“One of the freshest stories is a heartbreaking video that was spread about Ussuriysk, as there’s a few people came to the site to vote, I saw that they have already signed. There they cry, wring their hands. Everything is great, except for a few things: the weather is not suitable, because there the sun shines. These days in Ussuriysk rains, there is no social distance, gloves, masks, and then when increase a picture frame, you can see that on the ballot, written by 2019,” — said the head of the expert Advisory group of the Public chamber for public control over remote e-voting Alexander Malkevich.

All these messages and track time expose. There is a protection against computer attacks on the server vote, which in recent days were several million, mostly from Britain and Singapore.

the Main polling day on 1 July. The results will be considered only after the areas will be closed.