Two Russian research ship stuck in the South Korean port of coronavirus crew

In the South Korean port of Busan coronavirus revealed the members of the crews of two Russian vessels. One of them, the refrigerator Ice Stream, which arrived from Vladivostok, ill of 16 sailors. Now the South Korean authorities are testing everyone who came in contact with the Russians. We got in touch with the captains of both vessels. What did they say?

“I’m the captain of the transport Stream refrigerator Ice Sorokin, Vladimir Yuryevich. At the moment I’m part of the crew of 16 people are in the treatment of coronavirus,” — said the captain of the ship Ice Stream Vladimir Sorokin.

In an exclusive interview “news” the captain of hospital ward admitted that even happy with the outcome. According to him, the first alarm sounded Russian company owner. It is through the Russian Consulate General in Busan has requested the Korean government to urgently test the command.

“If this is not done the company, and the infection broke out, we would be at sea on the ship, most likely, would have ended in tears for many members of the crew. And we provide expert assistance. On the ship are currently five members of the crew. They are provided with food, water, fuel. So now we wait for the end of treatment,” said Vladimir Sorokin.

21 Jun Ice Stream arrived in Busan with a load of seafood from Vladivostok. There (it was a week ago) due to poor health came ashore former captain, who eventually was diagnosed COVID-19. How the virus could get on Board to establish, apparently, is impossible. Near the Ice Stream, on Board of which remain in quarantine five members of the team moored the other, the same Russian refrigerator Ice Crystal belonging to the same owner — the Kamchatka company “Riera fleet.” According to the test command on the ship also discovered coronavirus.

“For some strange reason out of 21 browcentury one of the crew was sick. No symptoms were manifested neither he, nor members of the crew,” said the captain Ice Crystal Sergey Kargin.

the Main concern of the South Korean authorities is to ensure that the infection has gone beyond the harbour.

“now we check the 176 people who have been in contact with a Russian crew, among them porters, customs officials, translators,” — said the Director of the National Institute of health Gwon Jung wook.

Such local outbreaks or clusters of disease occur now in different parts of South Korea. In early may, it seemed that the spread of coronavirus in the country have stopped, however in recent years it has repeatedly happened that the number of identified infected per day again exceeded the number recovered.

most local centers erupts in Seoul, including visitors of night clubs and discos. The city authorities are now talking seriously about a possible return to the mandatory compliance with social distance and other quarantine restrictions.