Two Schoolgirls in Moscow ate of the snow with spices, they had to call an ambulance

In Moscow, two Schoolgirls ate snow, pre-sprinkle it with spices. The incident occurred during a walk day-care centers. Eating snow for thorolastic found the teacher, who called an ambulance for them.

the Girls were done washing stomach, RIA Novosti reported. The doctors suggested hospitalization, but the parents of the girls refused it. After the observation the children were sent home. Currently their health is all right.

the school Administration has promised to deal with the incident, the situation is on control of the Director.

because Of the temperature anomalies this winter snow in the capital — a rare phenomenon. On 22 January, the weather finally pleased Muscovites with snow. Snow cover reached 6 centimeters. In the coming days it will continue, according to forecasters.