U.S. outraged by sentence Floor Whelan

the Moscow city court Verdict Semi Whelan did not suit all. The court sentenced him to 16 years ‘ rigorous imprisonment for espionage. Whelan intends to appeal the verdict. Disappointed and outraged by the court’s decision, the us Ambassador in Moscow John Sullivan. The court, as it was considered secret data, was closed to journalists and diplomats.

John Sullivan called the proceedings in Russia “secret justice”, said RIA Novosti. According to U.S. Ambassador to Russia, had breached a fundamental human right – the right to a public trial. Sullivan believes that the verdict rendered Whelan unproven. The US Ambassador called the process is opaque, it will require him to provide evidence in the case, and promised to meet with the family of the Floor and to achieve justice and liberation Whelan.

Outraged by the sentence of the Russian court the American citizen Semi Whelan, the head of the U.S. Department of state Mike Pompeo. He demanded the immediate release of the holder of American, canadian, Irish and British passports.

the Prosecution asked Whelan for 18 years of strict regime colony of the criminal case under article 276 of the Criminal code of Russian Federation (“Espionage”). Employees of FSB of Russia have detained in Moscow in hotel “Metropol” December 28, 2018. Here a friend Paul handed him the flash drive, which allegedly was to be photos from their joint trip to Sergiev Posad. However, electronic media was classified.

During his stay in the SIZO “Lefortovo” Paul Whelan regularly complained about the condition and quality of rendering medical assistance. In addition, call home to parents Whelan allowed just 16 months after his arrest. Whelan also had an operation for hernia, but the Russian specialists have found that the presence of the us Embassy recommended doctors not required. Also Paul Whelan complained of threats from the FSB.

Security Whelan argued in court that amerikanets became a victim of provocation: he was handed a flash drive with the wrong information that he expected. In this case, after the trial lawyers did not rule out that the intelligence agencies of the two countries will negotiate and come to acceptable to all humanitarian scheme of the spy exchange.

the Fact Whelan said the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov. He stressed that the Semi Whelan was charged, which were proved in court and accepted by the court.