London police have reportedly arrested a UK Tory MP on alleged rape and abuse allegations. A man in his 50s is in custody because of this, the Metropolitan Police said on Tuesday.

The cases of sexual abuse reported in early 2020 are said to have taken place in London between 2002 and 2009. The police investigation into the unnamed Conservative MP, which was reported by the British news agency PA, among others, is still ongoing. According to the police, the person concerned is also being investigated for possible abuse of his position of power.

The leader of the Conservative Party has instructed the MPs concerned not to enter Parliament’s premises while the investigation is ongoing. However, the accused was not initially expelled from the party.

MPs from Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Tory party have repeatedly made the headlines in recent months for misconduct. The “Partygate” affair about excesses in Downing Street during the Corona lockdown kept London in suspense for a long time, then various cases of abuse and a parliamentarian who was caught watching porn in the House of Commons were discussed.