The police in the UK has taken a Few, because it should have held for four years, a man as a slave in his shed. They should have forced Poland to work in exchange for food, informed the authorities.

Against the 56-year-old woman and 54-year-old man from Chilworth in southern England will be determined on suspicion of modern slavery, informed the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA). The two Suspects were free again.

On the case, the investigators became aware of, therefore, as Doctors, the authorities are alarmed. The alleged victim had told the staff of a health center, according to GLAA, he had to work for food. He also sleep on a bed of Plastic, have no flush toilet, and to him were given expired food.

“In the 21st century. Century, no one should be forced to live under such degrading and disgusting conditions,” said Tony Byrne of the GLAA. Again and again, immigrants are lured with false promises to the UK and then have to work under precarious conditions.

in 2017 was an increase in the number of reported cases of modern slavery and human trafficking in the UK, significantly. More than 5,000 potential victims of the authorities of the National Crime Agency (NCA) are found to be in the last year have been informed.