Ukrainian armored vehicles have again started to crack

“Lozovsky forging-mechanical plant” has again set up by Kharkiv design Bureau of machine building defective housing for BTR-4. The joints are poorly welded and cracked, meaning they can be pierced by bullets. Wrote about this on his page in the social network Facebook military expert Sergey Zgurets. As evidence, he brought a photo of defective buildings.

What is particularly surprising, lkmz also increased the price of their products. If he had asked for a housing 86 thousand dollars, now the cost had jumped to 131 thousand. The leadership of the Kharkiv KB gave the day providers details of the BTR-4, to verify the accuracy of information published by the expert.

it is Worth noting that marriage “Lozovsky forging-mechanical plant” supplies for several years. In 2010, the Kharkov Bureau ordered the company buildings the party BTR-4, which were intended for Iraq’s armed forces. But the deal fell through because brand new vehicles just started her stitches.

Despite this outrageous case, lkmz continued to work with the Kharkov KB. From 2014 to 2016, the plant delivered from 12 buildings. Some of them went into the armed forces of Ukraine, which is also cracked.

In this regard, Sergey Zgurets wonders why “Lozovsky forging-mechanical plant” continues to be a monopolist in the supply of chassis for the BTR-4. And this despite the fact that if you do these machines have banasthali from imported, not domestic, it is cheaper. One of the versions why you need to maintain inefficient processes – corruption. “It’s a cash cow, which gives milk to all. It can not be touched”. However, the expert in this situation somehow do not believe.