Ukrainian witness told who gave the money for delicate tasks trump

Businessman Leo Parnassus was looking for dirt on the activities of the son of Joe Biden on money of the former Treasurer of the Republican party of the United States, reports channel “Russia 24”.

the colleagues from the ABC was the data that Parnassus stored on the smartphone. From his correspondence it follows that the trip to Kiev sponsored by an oil tycoon from Florida.

In Ukraine, the native of the USSR was on a mission personal lawyer American leader Rudolph Giuliani. All the testimony submitted to the Congress in the case of impeachment.

the trump said that Parnassus doesn’t know. As evidence of their closeness with the trump Parnas led a photo with the President, he replied that he is photographed with many people.

Democrats accused Donald trump of the abuse of power and obstructing the investigation. The house of Representatives by a majority of voters approved the impeachment, it is now up to the Senate, dominated by Republicans. Trump is confident that the proceedings in the Upper house of Congress, many will not take long.