It’s common to find employees who don’t take their job seriously. It seems like they don’t care if they get fired. They work for the sake of doing the job, without showing passion at all. Conversely, some employees take the job too seriously. You want to be grateful because they’re passionate about their work. However, you also worry that passion could lead to burnout. You don’t want to lose these great employees just because they ended up getting burnt out.

Have a private conversation 

It helps you to have a private conversation with them so you will know the reason behind such an attitude. You want to understand what causes the inability to relax when it’s something everyone else is craving. It could be due to their upbringing. It might also be due to the nature of the companies they worked with in the past. Understanding the behaviour will make it easier for you to know what to do.

Look for signs

It also helps you to find signs that the person is stiff and unable to relax. For instance, they don’t have enough friends at work. Others don’t even make an effort to speak with anyone about casual stuff. Other evidence is when the employee doesn’t take a leave of absence. Even when they’re ill, they still go to work. You want to thank them for such behaviour, but you know it’s unhealthy. You realise that taking a break is necessary for everyone to perform well, not only now, but in the future.

Create an opportunity to relax

You can’t rely on these people to find a way to have fun on their own. Even during weekends, they might just be at home. You need to step up and look for ways to create a more relaxing atmosphere at work. You can also organise activities that will help your employees have fun. It will help if you host a funfair. The fair will have games, food stalls, rides and other fun activities. Employees can bring their children. It’s also a chance to be in a less stressful environment even when it’s with the same people at work. It’s an opportunity for employees to get to know each other. After this event, you might see that stiff employees will start to relax and be more fun at work. Choose fairground rides for hire if you need help organising this event.

Change your bossy attitude

It’s also possible that the reason why some employees don’t want to show they can relax is that you’re too strict. Bossing them around will make them feel that you mean business all the time. Show that you can also be a fun boss. It will help your employees relax and have a happier disposition at work.

Again, there’s nothing wrong if employees take their jobs seriously. It’s only alarming when they can no longer relax. It will affect their productivity and relationship with fellow employees. Help them get through this awkward phase to maximise their potential.