Bayern Munich’s young football magician Jamal Musiala sees Thomas Müller as a teacher from whom he can still learn a lot. The teenager and the over-30 professional harmonize splendidly on the pitch, as was evident in the 4-0 win of the German champions in the Bundesliga home game against Bayer 04 Leverkusen on Friday evening, and not only in their combination, which Musiala completed with the 2-0. “Yes, it’s already growing,” commented the 19-year-old Musiala on the now partially blind understanding of running and pass paths with Müller, who is 14 years his senior and whom he still looks up to.

“His IQ is really high in football. He understands things that I sometimes don’t even see,” said Musiala, who, however, regularly amazes his teammates with his playfulness and his snake-like movements when dribbling. “I try to keep up with him and combine with him. But it can always be better,” said Musiala. The Munich team will have to do without Müller’s skills at least for the time being, the 33-year-old tested positive for the corona virus a week before the Bundesliga classic against Borussia Dortmund.

When asked about his football IQ, Müller responded in the Allianz Arena with a joking reply: “Of course I have time to look at the situation while Jamal is in the fray against three opponents.” Müller likes to play with his young colleague. Because Musiala is always an excellent addressee of the ball for every player on the pitch: “It’s true that in certain situations you like to give him the ball because you say: ‘Okay, now I’ll play Jamal because I know ‘What he can do on the ball.’”

After the dominant 4-0 win against Leverkusen on Friday, Bayern boss Oliver Kahn raved about Musiala: “Jamal shows what he’s made of from game to game. He manages to get to his top performance level game after game. He’s the one who’s bringing us a lot of joy at the moment.”